Outdoor decorating is an art form that has been practiced for centuries. For instance, decorating your home’s exterior can significantly impact the overall appearance of your property. From sprucing up your lawn with exotic flowers to adding custom firepits on the patio, there are many ways to go about it.

How to Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior

How to Spruce Up Your Home's Exterior


If your outdoor space looks dull or you’re ready to give it a fresh new look, here are some tips and ideas to get you started. 

Keep a Well-Maintained Yard

A well-maintained lawn can make a big difference in your home looks. You should mow your lawn once a week. Take a day to focus on your yard making sure leaves are raked and plants are getting the water they need. Check your sprinkler system to ensure it’s working as you programmed it.

Make sure all of your shrubs are trimmed neatly as well. Don’t forget to weed or take care of any dead grass spots also consider reseeding any bare spots on your lawn to have your yard look even and full. 

Use Planters to Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior

Plant some flowers or herbs in a few planters. Place them around your front porch or near the entrance to your home. You can get creative with what kinds of plants you choose and how many are in each pot. 

If you’re unsure where to start, ask a local nursery for recommendations on what’s growing well in your area—they’ll have plenty of tips and tricks.

Utilize Space with a Front Porch Swing

Adding a front porch swing is a great way to utilize extra space on your porch. You can find them at most garden centers or hardware stores. While being easy to install they also provide great seating when you want to spend some time outside. 

Use Outdoor Lighting to Light Your Home’s Exterior

If you’re planning on entertaining outside, adding outdoor lighting is the best way to create the ambiance you want. You can buy solar-powered lights that are easy to install and won’t require any wiring. During the day, however, they need plenty of sunlight to recharge, so they should be placed in an area where they will receive plenty of light.

Add Inviting Outdoor Seating

 A well-designed outdoor seating area can provide an inviting area for you to enjoy with friends and family. If you are unsure how to design your area, consider booking a consult with an Interior Designer to create a perfect space.

If you get a lot of colder weather consider setting up a fireplace to enjoy.

Create a Water Feature with a Fountain 

If your garden or lawn has enough space, consider adding a fountain. Fountains can add a calming ambiance to any space.  Moreover, a variety of fountains are available, so you can easily find one that fits your style and budget. 

Consider a metal or resin fountain if you want something more durable than a stone or concrete fountain.

Final Word

In summary with all the options available today, there are many ways you can add a little extra to your home’s exterior.

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