Black Doors and Trim – Design Trend

We’re always on the lookout for design trends – and we recently spotted this one: Interior and exterior doors painted black.

We found some examples on Pinterest of how homeowners and designers have transformed the look of a space by putting a coat of black paint onto doors and trim – take a look – they are definitely inspiring!

Classic Country

These doors show how black paint can give a set of doors a classic country look:

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Black French Doors

A coat of black paint on these french doors helps them stand out in this white room:

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Sophisticated Traditional

The black front door and matching black trim on the staircase in this example shows how black paint can make a dramatic statement in a traditional space:

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Ornate Black Doors

These ornate doors stand out in black, making each detail even more impressive:

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Modern Black Doors

These examples show that even modern styles can be enhanced with black doors and trim:

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This example even shows black trim – adding more drama and depth to the space:

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Want to see more? Find more black doors and other design inspiration on our boards at Pinterest!


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