You can have posters in your store. You can have them printed every six months and change them up, or you can have digital signs and change your displays whenever you want. You can schedule them to coincide with the times of day, sales numbers, or even with the weather. Your signs can also show videos and enticing content that draws people in.

Why the Next Generation of Business Advertising is Going Digital

Interior Digital Signs The Next Generation of Business Advertising

Companies are upgrading to digital signs because it is part of a business’s natural evolutionary progression.

Drawing Attention Efficiently

We live in an attention economy. Those who gather the most eyeballs are the ones being paid the most. Getting people’s attention both indoors and outdoors is easy. You can do it with everything from flashing lights to a wacky inflatable arms-flailing tube man. However, capturing attention is far more difficult. Yet, with a digital sign, you can capture attention. 

You gather attention using simple biology. People will instinctively look at something that is motionless and then starts moving quickly. It is a human instinct, and it works especially well when people catch it out of the corner of their eye. All you need to do is have fairly still or motionless content but give it very broad and sweeping transitions. This is an overly simple, but effective, way of gathering attention. 

Capturing Attention with Digital Signs

Now you have drawn attention and people are looking at your sign, you can capture their attention. Since you are using a digital sign, you can also capture attention using the Junk Mail method. Junk mail was so effective because no matter how much people hated it, they had to look at it to throw it away. They would use that quick moment to sell to their potential customers. 

That is all you need to do. You put up your most enticing offer, selling point, or brand principle during those moments when you draw people’s attention. The goal is to keep them looking at the screen, to have them acknowledge what they see, and then act on it. This is no small task, but the fact is that you can gather and capture people’s attention. Once you have done this, you can shoot your shot and influence the viewer in some way or another.

Cheap To Buy and Easier Operation

Digital signs are far cheaper now than they ever should have been. Chinese manufacturers are churning out digital screens for a fraction of what they would have cost just a few years ago. Since digital signs are now more widely adopted, the software that goes with them is becoming more advanced. And, as with the case of, they are also becoming a lot easier to use, a lot more user-friendly, more efficient, and more secure. It is the way of the capitalist world, there is a demand for better digital sign software, so certain companies are pushing ahead and making digital sign software as easy to install as a Smartphone app.

Will People Upgrade From Digital Signs?

When looking into the further future, it seems that digital signs are here to stay. There was a brief time when people thought AR (Augmented Reality) would eventually replace digital signs. It was believed that people would walk in with their AR glasses on, and their information displays would show them all they needed, all their ads, all their prices, and so forth. Oddly, AR glasses never really caught on, so it looks like digital signs are here to stay. Will we see holographic signs in the future? Probably not, but 3D digital signs are proving to be less of a novelty than first expected, so don’t be surprised if you see 3D illusion effect digital signs in superstores and local businesses in a few years.

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