Just like any other business, growing your interior design business does not come easily. It requires one to work smart and put in all the effort required to grow the business. Interior decor is a challenging industry to venture into as the standards of the existing companies are very high. Creating a brand in interior decor and maintaining its reputation will take some effort; however, nothing is impossible.

Here are 6 tips on growing your interior design business:

growing your interior design business

Become an Expert

The one thing that is a sure selling point for any brand is having the expertise to offer clients. Becoming an expert in interior decor will guarantee you a seat at the table with the big brands, and from there, your brand will continue to grow. Gather enough knowledge and skills in interior design so you can have a lot to offer your clients. There is nothing worse than clients leaving your company for a better one. It demotivates your team and makes your brand look bad.

Interior design relies on creativity and authenticity. These two elements combined will make your brand among the best in the world. Explore different ideas, jump on trends, and find a way of modifying them into an eccentric design that will blow your customers’ minds. Also, being knowledgeable improves loyalty among clients. Clients come to you for advice and recommendation, and they expect to get an insight into the field they have never heard of before. When they experience such with you, they will grow to trust your judgment and eventually become loyal customers.

Market Your Brand

If you are not thinking about marketing, you have already failed as a brand. When you look at all the established brands in your field, one thing is noticeable; they are known. To grow your business, you need to create awareness, and marketing is the way to go. Marketing is the art of creating awareness about your brand, the products you have, and the services you offer.

There are many marketing ideas you can integrate into your company. These include:

  • The internet: the internet has become among the most popular and reliable marketing techniques. Using the internet means using social media platforms to advertise your brand. Social media is popular; creating a presence on social media using engagements, advertisements, challenges, giveaways, and influencers will grow your brand.
  • Advertising on mainstream media. Mainstream media also captures a lot of viewers; hence, you become known.
  • Use posters and fliers.
  • Incorporate value additions to your marketing. They include discounts, referral awards, point cards for customers, and so on.
  • Network and make connections with other companies and brands.

Incorporate Technology

We live in a digital world, so it’s only proper to use technology to your advantage. There are technological advancements in interior design; some tools will help you develop unique designs and layouts that you can present to your clients. Using 3D technology in your designs is brilliant as you can visualize how the room will look after you finish decorating.

When clients come for insight, make a 3D design, and present it to them. Interior design rendering will really help you to pitch your ideas and for your clients to visualize your thoughts and designs. They can then study it and ask for modification if they want to. It will be easier and cost-effective to settle on a layout and decoration in a 3D image since it allows modifications without extra costs. Also, in case of any issue, you can notice it before starting the project. 3D renderings also give you a chance to showcase all those stunning kitchen designs and bathroom ideas you’ve been creating.

Be Professional

Professionalism is an important aspect in business that you should embrace. Being professional will open many doors for you as people will prefer to work with your brand because of the service they get and how they are treated. Professionalism creates a good rapport with your clients and business partners. Build a system that will guide both employees and clients when services are offered.

Also, being professional will prevent negligence, poor reputation, and losses. Train your staff on how to handle clients with respect and how to conduct themselves as they represent your brand. Professionalism is a major factor in business growth, and any entrepreneur should have it as an attribute.


Growing your interior design business is challenging, since there are many factors that play a role in either promoting the growth or retarding it. As an entrepreneur, you should be conversant with all of them so you can use the positive ones and avoid those that limit your growth. Being in the interior design industry, you need to be brilliant and creative so that your brand can have a chance in the market. It is a massive industry that continues to grow daily.


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