Windows connect your home to the great outdoors and add an outstanding design feature to your property. Buyers often prioritize the property’s location and views over the size of the plot. Windows are an excellent way to bring in the fresh air and frame the glorious views you paid for.

You can incorporate windows into your home through various shapes, designs, and styles. Here are a few reasons to consider incorporating windows into your interior design.

Incorporating Windows Into Your Interior Design

How to Incorporate Windows into Your Interior Design

Windows offer aesthetic, financial and security value for a home.

If you are in the fortunate position to design your home from scratch, consider how you can make the most out of windows. For example, tall ceilings benefit from long windows, whereas you may open up box rooms through skylights. 

Glass walls are also a huge trend these days. Large windows can add financial value to your property, especially in premium real estate. 

Bring in more natural light.

Inviting natural light into a living space can highlight and enhance the interior design features. Give the impression of more space with VELUX windows and bring natural light into your dark loft space. 

Natural light benefits your body, mind, and connectivity to the outdoors. Incorporate the great outdoors into your home with plants and a whole host of different size windows. 

Capture a stunning view!

The best windows are designed to frame the beautiful views from your property. In fact, you might consider investing in windows with good placement over a painting on the wall. Interestingly, most architects suggest going for a walk around your home, before making any design decision. Doing so enables you to evaluate which views you want to accentuate.

Plus, make sure to consider your personal needs and lifestyle habits as well. For example, you might not want a glass ceiling blasting in the early morning sunlight if you’re a night owl. 

Vary design and window shapes to complement room elements.

Windows should adapt and flow with the feel of your property. Skylights are a fantastic addition to any narrow staircase and instantly open up space. However, privacy is also a factor to consider when designing your windows. A good example of this is using translucent glass in bathrooms to let natural light in with an element of privacy.

If you are on the premium end of the property ladder, clerestory windows can add an ultra-modern feel to any home. In fact, locate them near the roofline to create a floating floor appearance and enjoy the light flooding in. Perfect!

You can also choose different shaped windows to add a bit of personality to your rooms. Wall space is invaluable these days, so make sure your windows add character where needed. From asymmetric to circular, unusual windows can elevate your property to the next level.

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