Innovations – 3 Innovative Designs from Recent Years

Examples of Great Innovative Designs From Recent Years

Design innovation is based on generating ideas, solving problems and providing solutions that are desirable, technologically feasible and financially viable for consumers. How products and services are designed and built upon can disrupt how we complete complex processes, exchange information, make financial transactions, travel and even communicate in our everyday lives. But how can ‘design-thinking’ help to make our lives easier, and what are three recent examples of innovative designs?    

An Example 3 Innovative Designs

innovative designs


Using innovative designs to conquer challenges

Generally speaking, an innovative product should be original and serve a useful purpose, such as solving a problem. The best examples of design innovation are those which focus on users’ challenges and attempt to provide a convenient solution for these. The more challenge-focused your design may be, the higher its chances of success and longevity on the market.  

The ‘design-thinking’ mentality

 These days, you don’t have to be a scientist, inventor or entrepreneur to craft an innovative design. In the past couple of decades, we’ve seen a marked acceleration of digitalization and the growing accessibility of consumer-friendly technology, along with high-speed internet. These technological advancements have enabled more ‘average Joe’ consumers and budding ‘bedroom inventors’ to adapt the design-thinking mentality for themselves and even penetrate the market. But what are three recent examples of innovative designs in action?  


  1. Bombardier Global 6000 – One excellent recent example of challenge-focused design innovation is the Bombardier Global 6000, a luxurious three-zone cabin aircraft in which business people and entrepreneurs can rest, work and entertain on the move. The aircraft was designed to help people overcome the challenges of juggling regular long-distance travel with work and home commitments, making it a great solution for those who don’t have time to take a break from the rat race.
  2. Analogue Pocket – Another recent design that’s taken the gaming industry by storm is the Analogue Pocket, a handheld gaming device that is set to take over the nostalgia-based video game market in 2023. Currently, the unit is best for playing crisp, modern emulations of Gameboy classic titles, but it’s soon to expand into other nostalgic gaming systems. Combining the best of both modern and retro tech, you can also connect the Pocket to your PC via MIDI and sync and use its inbuilt workstation for a variety of handy tasks.
  3. Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress – High-tech bed units like the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress represent the most disruptive shift in the bed industry since the introduction of memory foam. The Eight Sleep uses the latest technology to perform a range of useful duties from temperature regulation and monitoring your heart rate and sleep to gently waking you up in the morning. Most importantly, it provides a comfortable night’s sleep too! 

It is innovative designs like these that answer personal challenges and solve problems.

Much like Steve Jobs did, he knew what we needed before we knew we needed it and changed the world!

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