People worldwide continue to search for new ways to improve the quality of life on our planet. In that light, let’s explore the world of future technology design concepts and solutions that we hope changes our lives forever. For instance, new technologies are fast emerging in every sector of our lives. That includes sports like soccer, basketball, and even horse racing which all use AI (artificial intelligence). In fact, take a look at the upcoming Breeders Cup 2019, in November to see what new technologies are in use in horse racing.

Additionally, AI is used in healthcare, transportation and much more. So, keep reading to learn more about some of the most innovative solutions for future technology.

Future Designs that Will Change the Way We Live

Self-Sustaining Floating City

Future Technology Floating City

A special self-sustaining city that floats on water is a remarkable solution for future populations. One problem humanity faces is the population growth which is expected to increase a whopping 66% by the year 2050. This is a problem for urban living because they’re already over-populated.

However, the floating city called Noah’s Ark is an interesting solution that conceptually will hold all living species. Flexible cables will connect the city to the ocean floor providing stability against winds or high waves. It also generates its own electricity from the giant turbines underneath the island.

3D Printing Technology

Future Technology 3-D Printers

This innovative future technology is an everyday phenomenon in our modern lives as the future fast becomes today’s reality. For instance, 3D printers already provide everything you can imagine from health support products to decor. This technology is in use in industries today and will be accessible and affordable to everyone in the future.

Windowless Planes with Panoramic Views

This design has been on paper for a couple of years but as technology advances, it will become part of future transportation. The futuristic plane replaces all windows with flexible screens that show the panoramic surrounding view of the plane with the use of the external cameras.

Today’s planes must have reinforcements for windows which adds a lot of weight to the plane. With this new concept, planes will be lighter and the CO2 emissions will decrease. This futuristic transport is out of reach today, but we may expect this technology to come about by the year 2035.

High-Speed Hyper-Loop Trains

People are working every day to solve the issues with land transportation in and between cities. Elon Musk came up with a ‘Hyperloop’ idea to design a capsule that will be placed in a pressurized steel tube. The capsules will run on-air and achieve unbelievable speeds up to 600 mph. This cuts the time of plane transportation in half, but because it is a future technology, it also requires structural changes.

The Hyperloop’s first conceptual route will be from Los Angeles to San Francisco and carry six to eight people that depart every 30 seconds. The project projects a cost of around $6.2 billion and hopefully, soon becomes part of our everyday transportation services around the world.

Drones That Save Lives

Drones that save lives

Over the years drones have become more advanced and now have a wide range of capabilities. Amazon, along with many other companies is investing money in drone development future technology that hopefully, is soon to become part of our everyday living.

Drones infused with artificial intelligence technologies will be capable of performing extraordinary services such as ambulance, transportation, rescue and more. In the next couple of years, we will see a lot of improvements in drone designs.

Our World’s Bright Future

These are but a few of the exciting and innovative future technology designs underway today. Additionally, there will be updates and improvements to all our lives with these technologies and more.

At the end of the day, the people of this planet have a very bright future to look forward to indeed. We’d love to hear your observations about future technology in the comments below. We’ve also included other links of interest for your convenience.

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