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The Future is Here: Introducing the Tesla Powerpack

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The Powerwall was given much of the attention at the unveiling of Tesla Energy in early May. With its potential to revolutionize home energy and bring home solar to new heights, it is a product that deserves such attention. However, it’s the Powerpack with its potential for infinite scalability that ultimately have a larger impact. Like the Powerwall, the Powerpacks are in essence a battery but with capabilities not yet seen in the energy sector. At launch, they are going to be available as 100kWh battery blocks that when grouped can reach 500kWh to 10MWh+. The Power Pack is designed for both businesses and large scale utility grids. It’s benefits may be the solution to an impending energy crisis that once appeared unavoidable.


solar renewable sustainable power energy electricity design



Powerpack Benefits for Business

  • Maximize consumption of on-site clean power
  • Avoid peak demand charges
  • Buy electricity when it’s cheapest
  • Get paid by utility or intermediate service providers for participating in grid services
  • Back up critical business operations in the event of a power outage

Like the Powerwall, the Powerpack will allow businesses to capture the full potential of their solar energy system. Unlike before, businesses will be able to utilize the energy captured by solar systems at a time most beneficial to them. Generally this would take place a facility’s times of highest usage, reducing the demand charge component of the energy bills.  Only paying for power when demand is lower and subsequently cheaper can be a fantastic way to lower costs and improve profitability. Of course outside circumstances can cause business to be interrupted such as a power outage, a Powerpack should supply enough stored power for continuous operation even in times of peak energy demands should an outage occur. Some of the world’s largest retailers (Target and Amazon) are among those already excited to be on board to test the benefits of Tesla Energy.




Powerpack Benefits for Utilities

  •  Firm up renewable generation by reconciling the intermittency of power from these sources
  • Storing excess capacity to dispatch when it’s needed.
  • Increase resource capacity – acts as on-demand distributed power generation, contributing to the overall generating capacity
  • Ramp Control – can act as a buffer while the power output from a large generation source is ramping up or down
  • Improve power quality by preventing fluctuations
  • Defer costly and time-consuming infrastructure upgrades.
  • Manage peak demand by deploying power within seconds or milliseconds.

According to a statement released by Tesla, Powerpack systems are capable of both 2hr and 4hr continuous net discharge power using grid-tied bi-directional inverters. Systems support applications including peak shaving, load shifting and demand response for commercial customers while offering renewable firming and a variety of grid services at utility scales. Large utility applications will be able to capture and harness clean renewable energy that in time should go a long way in solving an impending energy crisis, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce our dependence on increasingly expensive non-renewable and unsustainable energy sources. Couple these benefits with those that owners can expect from a home solar system complete with Powerwall(s) and it appears Tesla will be a major name in the green energy initiative going forward.


The Tesla Powerwall

tesla powerwall sun electricity off grid system car vehicle charging station


About the author:


This article was written by Brian Levesque.  Brian is currently studying Electrical Engineering at CU in Denver.  In his free time, Brian likes to research the cutting edge technology available for the energy sector and then draft content and articles for Ablaze Energy LLC – a Denver based solar solution provider.


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