Non-Traditional Liberating Spa for "V" Day

The Non-Traditional Liberating “V” Day, Just for YOU!

Being single in a couples world on Valentine's Day, doesn't have to suck! Any holiday that involves the color red or pink is one everyone should participate in, it's HOT! Traditionally, this is a holiday meant for lovers, but I always…

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Whether you love Valentine's Day or think that it's just a made-up holiday - you have to admit it's a fun time to show your children some extra love and attention. Here are some ideas from Heather Valentine, Designer/Crafter of The Sewing…
Using Amber for a Romantically Aromatic Valentine's Day

Using Amber for a Romantically Aromatic Valentine’s Day

When you think of scents for Valentine's Day, rose, chocolate and vanilla are probably the first to come to mind. But, what about amber? This sensual spice is a little more mature than the sugar-coated or flowery scents we normally think…

Do It Yourself Valentine Flower Arrangements

Whether you're giving them as a gift, or using them to decorate - flowers are a must for Valentine's Day. But, that doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds at the florist buying perfectly-arranged rose bouquets. Here are some tips for creating…
A Valentines Day Filled with Guilty Pleasures!

A Valentine’s Day Filled with Guilty Pleasures!

Spending a romantic Valentine's Day receiving all sorts of thoughtful tokens of appreciation, and adoration puts a satisfactory smile on any woman's lips.