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Tips for Finding the Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

5 Tips for Finding the Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

If you sleep on your side, pick a pillow that doesn't cause discomfort while you sleep. Here are tips for finding the best pillow for side sleepers.

3 Ways Throw Pillows Enhance Your Interior Design

Regardless of how you choose to style your favorite room, decorative accent pieces add a special touch that really makes the space pop. From the art on the walls to fun lamps on the end tables to throw pillows on the sofa, these decorative touches…
Touches of Comfort for Cozier Interiors

Touches of Comfort for Cozier Interiors

If you love to snuggle in and enjoy your time at home, cozier interiors are the best choice for you. The nicest part about designing cozier interiors is that you don't have to spend a lot of money or start over with your current decor. Instead,…
Designing Comfort for Your Pet

Blending Comfort for Your Pet With Your Home’s Decor

The amazing thing about pet accouterments of today is their variety in terms of price, materials and fabrics, colors, sizes, and features.
Style Trend Striped Curtains

Style Trend: Striped Curtains

Using bright colors, showing how stripes can be regal, and putting striped curtains around your home are ways to put this style trend to work.