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Home Music Studio Design Trends

6 Design Trends for in Home Music Studios

Studio time adds up, so home music studios are increasing in popularity. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to just head down the hall when inspiration strikes? As home music studios become more popular, several design trends have come…
Carving Out a Home Music Room

Creating a Home Music Room Ideas

Do you ever get the feeling that your music room is starting to look a bit stale? Does it lack the vibrancy and energy that you use to drive your creativity? With a little bit of effort, you can put some new life into your music room without…
5 Tips To Decorate Your Home With Music Sxaphone and violin sitting on white wall and shelves

5 Tips To Decorate Your Home With Music

There ways to decorate your home with music. Today we bring you an essential guide to five ways of decorating your home with music.
Beautiful In-Home Music Rooms
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In-Home Music Rooms Are Trending

As you may or may not know I have recently taken up the guitar. This is something I have always wanted to do but, never had the time to do it. For years it has been on my bucket list and I even had two guitars, one my husband gave me years…