Do you ever get the feeling that your music room is starting to look a bit stale? Does it lack the vibrancy and energy that you use to drive your creativity? With a little bit of effort, you can put some new life into your music room without spending all of your hard-earned cash! 

How to Design a Music Room

music room

Here are nine easy ways to remodel your music room on a budget.

1. Move your instruments

If you’re feeling uninspired by your current instrument setup, try rearranging your pieces in different ways to get a fresh perspective on how they fit together and what kind of sound and environment they create. Larger pieces like a piano become the focal point of the room. Deciding where to place the instrument that is the focal point first helps you to logically arrange the secondary items’ next. Moving a piano takes calling in professionals like Marietta movers to ensure that your equipment is moved safely. 

2. Placing the secondary pieces

Now that you have created the focal point it is time to place the secondary pieces that will radiate off it. A bookshelf where you might organize your music books or even inspirational items like framed pictures that inspire you.

3. Add wall art to your music room

Every room deserves art and especially a room where you are creating music art. Art should touch your soul and have meaning for you. It’s meant to inspire us and should be carefully selected to do that.

If you have a large wall, consider designing a gallery wall. The arrangement could be straight and architecturally placed or it could have no rhyme or meaning which is a creative way to do it. A gallery wall like that should have different frames, sizes and matting. It should be free-flowing. 

4. Color palette

Color has a way of setting a mood. We all have a favorite color that speaks to us and this room should be carefully chosen. The warmer the color the more energy it gives and the cooler the color the more relaxing it is. Consider what type of music you like to create and think about what color is going to inspire you as you play. 

Your music room is so personal and you want to make it creatively personal.

5. Soundproofing a music room

Soundproofing your music room is essential especially if you play the drums and live in an apartment building. This also cuts down on outside noise giving you a quiet place to truly hear your music acoustically.

6. Proper lighting 

As a lighting specialist, I believe every room deserves a layered lighting plan and especially a room where you are creating music. Your room needs general lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting and all must be considered. Your decorative lighting sets the style of the room and also creates ambiance. One chandelier can say so much about the character of the room.

8. Add greenery 

Investing in some houseplants is an affordable way to add texture and color to your music room while bringing in a calming energy. Plants improve the air quality and add a sense of well-being to any room.

9. Keep your music room decluttered

A cluttered room can be a significant distraction. Keeping your supplies organized by investing in storage solutions like cubes or baskets will make it easier to find what you need when you need it. There are many ways to do this – from installing shelves to making use of vertical spaces – but the key is keeping your gear accessible and clutter-free.

Final Reflections

These tips will help you to create an inspirational music room affordably. Whether it’s moving your instruments, adding color or plants, there are plenty of ways to create your music room without breaking the bank. 

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