How to create a positive atmosphere at home and Relaxation Techniques For Stress: As stressful activities continue around us, I think some of us would love to know more about de-stressing and relaxing in our own intimate environments. When I write about Design Your Intimate Environment, I’m referring to the surroundings that are familiar to us and what we can do to better enjoy them.

Unfortunately, we can’t do a lot about the building across the street or the house next door. We can, however, do something about our office space, our house or apartment interior and exterior, and our yards and balconies.

I use a lot of old sayings when I talk. One such saying is, “there’s no time like the present” which is exactly right for this day regardless of how dated the phrase may be. Unless you live in a cave in Antarctica, the world over is full of chaos.

Also, it is so easy to get caught up and lose ourselves in the drama. Therefore, reducing stress is the “name of the game” today.

Guidelines to a De-stressing & Relaxing Intimate Environment

How to relax the mind from stress quickly: So, by gleaning the internet and curating my favorites, I’m going to show you ways to design your intimate environment for de-stressing and relaxing.

Guidelines to a De-stressing & Relaxing Intimate Environment

① Office Intimate Environment (Away from Home)

Designating a space for relaxing might look like a lot of things. First, if you’re in the office, it might be a small area of your desk with the right decor to bring your anxieties down to a manageable level. A small zen sandbox with a rake is a nice place to start. It doesn’t require watering, it’s easy to operate, and it doesn’t require batteries.

Of course, office plants and flowers are great for providing a sense of connection to the earth which comforts us on a deep level. They also have the incredible benefit of keeping our air fresh and breathable.

Another relaxing alternative when working in an office is to have a special place at a local park to sit and reflect. A brisk walk in the fresh air is a perfect way to slough off the discomfort of office politics. If possible, find a setting with a creek or river because running water gives off negative ions that help us feel better quickly.

② Home Intimate Environment Set Up


• A Comfortable Space for You

At home, it might be a corner nook with a comfortable chair with cushions, throws, and just the right lamp. Or, if you have an extra bedroom, turn it into a de-stressing and relaxing room. You can call it a Zen room, a yoga or exercise room or a meditation room, but the purpose of the room remains the same. Also, remember, it can be just about any space you can find – it all depends on how you set it up, your home’s traffic flow, and what your preferences are.

• Select the Right Lighting

Look for a space with natural lighting. If you can’t pull that out of your hat, use adequate lighting. Check out full spectrum lighting if you haven’t already. Or, design a lighting level that is comfortable for you through the use of an accent table or standing lamp. Dimmer switches on overhead lighting is always a good idea, especially for de-stressing and relaxing.

• Include Living Plants & Fragrances

No matter where in your home you decide to set up, living plants must be involved. Again, they clean the air and they help keep us in a good state of mind. I also like to keep sage sticks around as the smoke naturally relaxes me. It is also a great way to clean the air of bacteria with its natural antiseptic qualities. During times of high stress, I sage my apartment at least two to three times per day. Also, consider your favorite essential oils and a diffuser for an elegant touch of relaxing fragrances, including those of your favorite flowers.

• Find Peace in De-cluttering & Organizing

Decluttering is a great way to give your home a more spacious feeling throughout. You might even find de-cluttering and organizing to be de-stressing while you’re in progress. Moreover, there’s something about a well-organized and fresh smelling room that just can’t be beat. It’s almost like coming home to a fresh new start when you have the joy of entering into an atmosphere of order and beauty.

However, some lives aren’t quite that simple – are they? When children and pets are involved, coming home also means exuberant greetings and wagging tails so the atmosphere might not be completely calming when you walk through the door. If that’s the case in your life, you’re a good candidate for a separate space for de-stressing and relaxing.

• Design a Way-finding Flow in Your Home

If your home or rooms are difficult to navigate, maybe it’s time to rearrange for a more open style. Keep walk ways clear of decor for easier navigation and arrange your furniture so that there’s plenty of room to easily move from one point to the other without obstacles.

Have you ever thought about the fact that your skin is the first point of contact for anything that happens to you? In fact, our skin is highly sensitive and knows before the brain that there’s danger lurking. Therefore, when there are sharp corners and other potentially painful obstacles, our skin is going to be sending our brain stress causing signals. So, rearrange your intimate environment for a more open and flowing sensation and you’ll naturally enjoy less anxiety.

③ Outside the Home • De-stressing & Relaxing


• Small Patios & Balconies

Small patios and balconies are fun to set up and don’t require a lot of expense. Set out your green plants and flowers and work a small electric waterfall into the arrangement. Then, set out warming candles in glass hurricane lamps for the nippy summer evenings and cool winter days. Also, find space in your design for an umbrella to shade you in the summer and to sit under when it’s raining.

Use durable yet comfortable seating along with some cushions and warm throws to add to the coziness. Additionally, I like to hang either long bamboo chimes for the woody musical effect, or capizi shell chimes for their melodic tinkling sounds. Why not both? Then, create a small space for a mini-zen garden for an extra touch of relaxation.

• Zen and Rock Gardens

If you have the space, why not design your landscape to include a rock garden or Zen garden? Going through the steps of creating a design for your de-stressing and relaxing garden will relieve you of anxiety simply because you’re creating something beautiful. Then, the process of maintaining your new arrangement will continue to give you an outlet for relief. Of course the joy of sitting and relaxing in your surroundings is the best part of all.

• Build a Fish Pond for Relaxation or Profit

Many home owners enjoy fish ponds in their back yards or fields. Some even sell their fish for profit. But, on a smaller scale, installing a coy or goldfish pond in your back yard gives you years of amazing relaxation. Flowing water is so calming! Then, when you surround it with a rock garden and lots of greenery and flowers, you have a perfect intimate environment for relaxing. Also, add a small path around and over your pond for a mindful or meditative walking experience.

How Will You Design Your Intimate Environment?

How to reduce stress, tension and create a positive atmosphere at home: We hope this gives you a few inspirations for setting up the best relaxing, stress reliever, creating a relaxing room, intimate environment for you, your family, and your guests. Also, if you have other suggestions, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below. You will also find links to other informative articles about all things design.


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