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6 Homes Around the World Known for Their Unique Architecture

6 Homes Known for Their Unique Architecture

These homes are designed for practicality and function, as well. If you’re looking for unique architecture, this list has you covered.
Mixing Vintage & Contemporary Décor

Top Tips for Mixing Vintage and Contemporary Décor

If you want to mix vintage and contemporary décor, you've come to the right place. After all, if you know anything about interior décor, you know just how important proportion and balance are to your final outcome. Mixing vintage and…
Architectural Design Styles

4 Inspiring Architectural Design Styles for your Dream Home

There are architectural design styles of houses in the United States. With people immigrating from many different cultural backgrounds, a variety of architectural design styles have left their mark on American home architecture. So, naturally,…
Tips for Creating a Modern Home

Top Tips for Creating a Modern Home

For many people, their home is their pride and joy, which they will have saved much money over the years to invest in and make their own. Part of what makes a home a home is keeping it up to date with your personal style, as well as matching…
Make Any Age Home Look Hip

Make Any Age Home Look Hip With Contemporary Considerations

If you were to browse through an architecture magazine or home design book that was published thirty years ago, there would be plenty of contemporary visuals. If you were to surf the web at this very moment for tending architectural and home…