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Laundry Room - Designed with Pet-Friendly Bathing is Trending (1)

BLANCO Answers the Need for Multi-Tasking Laundry Rooms

Today's laundry rooms are more than just a place where clothes are laundered. In modern home designs, these rooms have become a multi-purpose room for families. In addition to the washer and dryer considerations, the laundry sink design has…
3 Fix-It Tips for an Overheating Clothes Dryer

3 Common Reasons Why Your Clothes Dryer is Overheating

Clothes dryers are regularly used household appliances, and from time to time they can overheat, making them a potential fire hazard in your home. While certain causes of dryers overheating are more common than others, some require a fast…
Laundry Room Spruce Up

Laundry Room Spruce Up

Not all houses have a dedicated laundry room. If yours does, it’s most likely a passageway to the garage. If it doesn’t, your washer and dryer are IN the garage. Regardless of where the laundry area is located in your home or how it’s…