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Personalize Your Wedding

How to Personalize Your Wedding from Start to Finish

A cookie-cutter wedding works for some couples. The convenience of having things unfold in a conventional, traditional manner is attractive for those who want to make the day and everything leading up to it, as stress-free as possible. But…
Useful Wedding Invitation Etiquette Tips

Useful Wedding Invitation Etiquette Tips

These wedding invitation etiquette tips should come in handy if you or a friend have questions about your upcoming event. In the most basic design, a wedding invitation lets your guests know who's getting married, and when and where the ceremony…
DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations – Essential Wedding Invitation Tips

DIY Wedding Invitations allow you the chance to give your family and friends a preview of what your big day will be like. By creating your own unique invites, you can add personal touches that turn your cards into one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Stepping…
Seasonal Drink Recipes(

Seasonal Drink Recipes

It's summer, summer, summer time, and while temperatures outside seem to be heating up a refreshing summer drink can help you cool off and wind down.