Your New Design Business Logo

Design Business Logo; Fast and Easy DIY Steps

In order to create a strong brand, every interior design business needs a design business logo. As a business person in the interior design field, your company name, logo and website design are especially important. Since your business is centered…
Market Your Design Business

5 Tips to Effectively Market Your Design Services

You've created an incredible business, but do you know how to effectively market your design services? The Internet is arguably the best place to do it, but there's an innate paradox that lies within. You can find great resources online to…
Advancing Your Design Career

Advancing Your Design Career: 3 Skills for Success

Humans are creative beings. Someone has created pretty much everything around you: all the technology you use, your house, even the clothes you’re wearing. Humans have made everything from cave paintings to the Mona Lisa, from Beethoven’s…