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Reversible Design Projects for Your Rental Home

3 Ways to Add Reversible Design to Your Rental Home

Living in a rental home tends to be more transient than owning a home but you still want to have a feeling of permanence and your own personal preferences no matter where you live. There are simple home decor projects that you can do to make…
5 Different Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood Panels
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Reclaimed Wood Panels- Ways to Use Them in Your House

Using reclaimed wood panels is an amazing way to improve the look of your house. There is so much that you can do with them, and you can find a purpose for reclaimed wood in just about every room of the house. By using reclaimed wood, you are…
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Kitchen Backsplash Design – Designing a Visual Focal Point

Homeowners now have more choices than ever when shopping for a new kitchen! There are options for the perfect kitchen backsplash and more.

Patricia Davis Brown Featured As Expert In LED Design Article

Patricia Davis Brown was just featured as a featured "expert" by technology journalist Robin Miller who wrote an article explaining that not all interior decorators are fans of LED lighting.  Patricia's opinions and thoughts were the main…