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Top Home Appliances You Can Trust

6 Best Home Appliance Brands

Whether you are looking to equip a new home or replace your existing appliances, your home appliance products must be made by trustworthy manufacturers. Using items made by trusted, industry-leading brands is the best way to ensure they are…
Are Smart Appliances Safe?

Smart Home Appliances are They a Good Idea?

Smart home appliances are all the buzz in today's technology world. Everyone is looking for connectivity, and our home plays a big part in that. Connecting our homes with our phones should make our life simpler, but does it? Are Smart Home…
Appliance Fixes and How to Do Them Yourself

4 Common Appliance Fixes and How to Do Them Yourself

Whether the washing machine is leaking or the oven doesn't heat, appliance failures happen to everyone at one time or another. However, there are some quick fixes to the more common appliances that you need to know before you call for the handyman.…
RETRO Rocks it at The Architectural Digest Show 2015
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RETRO Rocks it at The Architectural Digest Show 2015 and How You Can Too

What's old is new again and it was never more apparent than at the NYC AD show Stephanie Davis and I attended in March. Whether it be on the runway with the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier or Diane von Furstenberg, or on the road with a Mini Cooper,…
Check Your Appliances

Check Your Appliances

Installing new appliances in your home could save you a lot of money while making your home look better at the same time. If you have noticed recently that your water or electric bill has been higher than usual, it could be that your appliances…