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How to Design a YouTube Banner

How to Design Your YouTube Banner

Having a well-designed YouTube banner is important for your brand. It can be overwhelming when it is out of your wheelhouse to create a professional banner, but with the help of a youtube banner creator like Vista Create they can take the stress…
Is Billboard Advertising Right for Your Business

How Much Does a Billboard Advertising Cost?

If you've considered out-of-home (OOH) advertising methods for your business, you’ve likely come across billboard advertising. You see it in use whenever you travel. And many well-known businesses use it effectively. So you may be asking,…
Outdoor Marketing Strategies

5 Effective Outdoor Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Are you interested in know how you might make more money with outdoor marketing strategies? Here are five ideas for your business.

Interview With Artist Carmelo Blandino

We have a special feature this week as Patricia interviewed artist Carmelo Blandino, who studied art and design at the city’s local colleges and began a successful career as a freelance illustrator, working with architects, designers, and advertising agencies.