How to Correctly Light Over The Dining Room Table

Dining room tables can be a multi-purpose table in many homes, so you have to take inventory on how you use the space when deciding how to light it. If you will be doing tasks, then you need to have a fixture that will put out ample light to…
lighting design guide how to with placement and beam spreads for plans and elevations
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How to Light a Vanity Correctly – A Lighting Design How To

Lighting a bathroom needs to have great consideration. This is a room where you do multiple tasks and it is important that you have the ability to see well while performing them. Hotel bathrooms are notorious for bad lighting. I'll never forget…
Lighting Every Room In Your Home Beautifully

Lighting Every Room In Your Home Beautifully

Every family wants to have lighting in their home that is attractive, but choosing lighting can be difficult if you're not sure what to be calculating and planning for. Fixtures often do not match the furniture in the room, and the lights can…
How to Design the Perfect Swimming Pool

Tips On Designing A Perfect Pool Room

Who doesn't want the perfect swimming pool at home? It's somewhere to play with the kids, have pool parties with friends and adds enjoyment to life.