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Every woman knows that what lies under our clothes is just as important, and even more enticing,  than any fashion trends we set for all to see.  While shape wear can become a necessity for various reasons, we should look just as good wearing it with our clothes off.

Check out this sexy apparel that will have you looking hot… clothed, or not.

I am very excited to introduce to you a new product that is changing women’s lives; “Shapewear for the Bedroom”.

Totally new on the market today, this in-demand sexy and sophisticated lingerie is the biggest revolution since the introduction of shapewear!

SexCies™ “Shapewear for the Bedroom” is patent-pending shapewear *hidden in* ingerie that you can actually wear *during* intimate times to hide and flatten your tummy….and the best thing is, he has no idea; all he sees is alluring lingerie!

It’s shapewear…when it *really* counts!

SexCies works for any woman who is unhappy about the appearance of her tummy,but is especially effective for post-partum “pooches”, C-section “flaps”, anyone who has lost or gained weight, or had any abdominal surgery.

90% of women report feeling self-conscious during intimacy. This is the solution to bring back confidence (that’s the “C” in “SexCies”)!

Unique Features:

  • The Fold Flattener: flattens your upper and lower tummy (really!).
  • Removable Panty: allows you to continuously wear your lingerie with your tummy remaining covered.
  • Luxurious Faux Fur Lining: ensures extreme comfort (guaranteed!) and eliminates the “rough scratchies” of regular lingerie..it is especially soothing for after C-sections and any scarring.
  • Adjustability: invest just once, it can accommodate weight gain or loss up to 15 lbs.

There is also a special curve in the front that (unlike regular corsets or lingerie) allows total coverage of the lower tummy while still allowing for the leg’s full range of motion.

What is the difference between regular shapewear and SexCies? I like to tell people: shapewear makes you look good with your clothes *on*, SexCies makes you look great with your clothes *off*.

Suzy Mac, President, Who’s Your Mommy, llc

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