Freshening up your interior space is easy with a fun do-it-yourself project like a painting a wall. But, before you pick up a paintbrush, there are some important things to know. First, the color you choose complements the interior design and affects the mood of the room. You can choose to paint a dramatic statement wall or a soft backdrop to a living space.

What’s very nice is that painting is surprisingly inexpensive in comparison to a few other design techniques. Painting is also not that hard to do yourself, so a lot of people paint their own interior walls. However, please be aware that it is easy to do this project incorrectly. So, first, you need the right supplies from ThePaintStore Painting Supplies and the right preparation. To learn more before you pick up a paintbrush, keep reading to learn more about the techniques for preparing your project.

Pick Up a Paintbrush After Preparation

Clean and Prepare Before You Pick Up a Paintbrush

Preparation is Essential

Painting is exponentially easier when nothing is in the way, so you should empty the room as much as possible. This also prevents accidental splashes or spills on furniture. If you can’t remove everything, cover pieces with drop cloths or sheets.

Preparation also involves wiping down the walls and cleaning the space. Walls have an almost invisible layer of dust, dirt, and oils. But, it is important to remove this for the paint to adhere successfully. Additionally, the other steps for preparation include laying out drop cloths, taping trim and light switches, and spackling holes or cracks.

Test Your Colors Before You Pick Up a Paintbrush

Test the Color First

The color can look fantastic on the swatch, but awful on the wall. You need to test the color and see if it meshes with the lighting and space. You can buy a sample and paint just a small piece of the wall. Let it dry and look at it throughout the day and night to see what it looks like. You can also purchase several samples to test out different colors and find what works.

The Courage to Get Colorful

Depending on your space, you should try to branch out from off white or beige. It can be daunting to try a bold or even muted color. Trying out colors in different spaces can influence the mood of the room. For example, a dark color can bring depth and texture. If you have high ceilings, it can add depth. If the room is smaller or does not have natural lighting, light and bright colors open up space. Experiment with color and branch out!

Decide on Colors Before You Pick Up a Paintbrush

Choose the Right Finish

Yes, the color matters, but so does the finish. High gloss paint will be durable and easy to clean. At the same time, they will highlight any imperfections. A flat paint finish will hide those imperfections but is likely to get damaged. Another option is an eggshell finish. This does not show imperfection, has some shine to it, and does not damage as easily as flat paint.

Find the Right Amount

One of the first and most difficult steps after picking a color is finding the right amount of paint. It can be frustrating to get the flow started only to find you are out of paint. It can also be frustrating to have gallons and gallons left over.

Determining the necessary amount of paint starts with the square footage of the room. You also need to decide how many coats you need to do. If you are priming the walls, one coat should be enough. If you are not, you might need to apply two coats. Experts at your local paint store will help with these details.

Paint Supplies You Need Before You Pick Up a Paintbrush

Invest Now and Benefit Later

You will find it benefits you, in the long run, to spend money on high-quality supplies. This includes brushes, paints, and rollers. You might also consider investing in a sturdy ladder and roller extenders to reach the heights. Both help prevent injury while reaching every corner.

Before You Pick Up a Paintbrush, Consult with Pros

There is even more to painting than what we covered here, so take the time to visit local experts and ask for input on everything, from roller recommendations to primer options. By asking questions and following these tips, you will find yourself with a wonderfully completed paint job. Now, you’re ready to do another room! We wish you the very best of painting projects and want to invite you to check out the other links below.

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