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The history of flasks stretches way back to the Paleolithic Age when humans drank from snakeskin pouches filled with fermented grape juice. However, in modern times, the flask continues to grow in popularity with both gentlemen and ladies who prefer to keep their liquor discreet. Thankfully, it also transitioned from a snakeskin filled with fermented juice to an object of style and fashion. Amazingly, Jacob Bromwell has manufactured flasks for almost 200 years!

The flasks we use in our modern world rose in popularity in our not so distant past when 24-hour liquor stores were unheard of in a world where travelers, adventurers, and soldiers went nowhere without their flask tucked away in their coats.

Today, my husband Lee and his good friend Joe are out fishing, loving the sun, and enjoying each other’s company. But, not without their rugged yet sophisticated Jacob Bromwell copper flasks!

Jacob Bromwell • Representing a Gold Standard

Jacob Bromwell Freedom Flask

Do you know that Jacob Bromwell represents a 200 year old gold standard in bakeware, heritage products, and kitchenware? In fact, many prominent publications such as Country Living, Esquire, Uncrate, and the Wall Street Journal, regularly feature Jacob Bromwell products.

The Freedom Flask

Jacob Bromwell Freedom Flask

⎆ The Original Luxury Copper Flask

True to their tradition, the Freedom Flask is crafted in copper by no less than five artisans. To produce this masterpiece, the artisans use a 200 year old manufacturing process that is, amazingly, still done by hand.

Holding 13 fluid ounces, this flask is hand-hammered by artisans to true perfection in a kidney shape design. The copper screw top gives you a guarantee of a 100% leak-free flask with every use.

⎆ An Investment for a Lifetime

One of the outstanding features of this flask is that it is an investment. Because of the level of artisanship that goes into each flask, you may expect a lifetime of use. Not to mention, the value of copper as a commodity.

⎆ Copper Gets Better With Age

One of the advantages of copper is that it never rusts and is naturally corrosion resistant. But, one of the nicest visual things about copper is that it beautifully oxidizes over time. However, it’s also easily restorable to its original shine at any time by simply polishing it up.

⎆ Perfectly Imperfect Copper Flask

Again, this flask is made entirely by hand by no less than five artisans. Therefore, as a result of the handmade process, imperfections may appear. But, that only serves to prove its authenticity. In fact, the tiny cosmetic imperfections add to the sophistication and charm of this flask.

⎆ 100% Lifetime Guarantee

Not so surprisingly, many families consider their Jacob Bromwell flasks a family heirloom and pass them down for generations. Furthermore, Jacob Bromwell has so much confidence in this flask that it comes with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

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