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How to Wear Stripes this Fall Season

Stripes are everywhere this Fall! From tops to skirts to handbags, women can show their stripes and be right on trend this season from outerwear right on down to their underwear!

A striped pattern can take many different forms depending on orientation and color used, but the most common patterns I’ve seen this season are thin, horizontal stripes in neutral tones. The neutral trends give this look a strong, bold style while the thin width of the stripes keep the patterns feminine.

Paired with Blazer

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The pairing of a striped dress or top with a blazer is great for a solid, classic look this Fall. The underlying stripes add some fun to this outfit while the fitted blazer keeps the look professional and strong.


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Using an accessory to incorporate a current trend is a popular, safe way to explore the style. This scarf gives ladies the opportunity to add a splash of pattern to an outfit without going overboard. This scarf would look great paired with a solid-colored maxi dress or a solid crew-neck tee and jeans for a more casual look.

Lucky Stripes

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Carry this trend down to your intimates with a striped bra. A bra with neutral stripes provides a sexy, sensual feel and will make you feel like your entire look is pulled together from the outside in. Pair with matching striped or solid panties for a pulled-together look.

Erin Meyer, Marketing Manager, 123underwear.com

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