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Bracelets Reign Supreme! See What’s Popping Up on Pinterest!

Adding accessories to our attire is a great way to brighten up our look or tie everything together.  Chunky wrist wear is popping up all over Pinterest this season and we thought it would be fun to feature a few favorites! Darlene Loewen, Co-Founder of Jolica Inc has shared a few fabulous bracelets with us to spice up our look!

For spring, as we head into warmer weather, heavy pieces around our neck are disappearing. Instead, the emphasis is being placed on bracelets, particularly chunky ones with interesting personality.
The Pins

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As a chunky sterling silver bracelet with incredible detail, this bracelet is sure to be noticed. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is artisan-crafted by hand.

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A more casual option still has tons of personality and pop. Being chunky and light-weight, it’s easy to wear. While it has a familiar ‘beach-like’ feel, the color combinations and wooden button accents make it unqiue.

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The chunky bracelet really completes this outfit. The use of the stones and antiqued silver give the bracelet a hand-made look that upscales the whole ensemble.

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One more fabulous wrist! The layered bracelets here convey that you’ve taken time to put yourself together.

What chunky wrist wear have you spotted on Pinterest?

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