If you have always thought a kitchen sink was nothing but a place for dirty dishes, you should reconsider. The truth is, there are different types of kitchen sinks that will add function and flair to your home. 

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen soon? Keep reading to learn more about kitchen sinks for your next remodel to spice up your cooking space!

5 Tips for Finding the Right Types of Kitchen Sinks for Your Home

1. Installing different types of kitchen sinks.

Tips for Finding the Right Types of Kitchen Sinks
Modern Black Sink

When checking out kitchen sink features, one thing to consider is where you will install the sink. The easy choice is to place the new sink in the exact location as the old one. If you want to put it somewhere else, that could mean moving everything around and cutting a new space. However, you will save money by not buying new drains and plumbing. Additionally, you must measure the old one and the new one to make sure it will fit.

Do you want a top-mount or an under-mount sink? The top-mount is easy to install and the most popular choice for that reason. They are less expensive than bottom mount sinks due to the easy install process. 

The top-mount sink drops into a precut hole. The under-mount sink gets installed from underneath the counter. So, if you want a more decorative kitchen sink, the under-mount fits the bill.

The under-mount sink is a functional kitchen sink as well. Cleanup is a breeze because crumbs can get swept into the sink. There is also no worries about getting anything around the rim. 

2. Kitchen sink varieties.

Tips for Finding the Right Types of Kitchen Sinks - Farmhouse sink
Farmhouse Sink

Kitchens used to come with a standard functional kitchen sink and became thought of as means to an end. Back then, you washed dirty dishes in them, and that was a wrap. In those days, people were less concerned with looks and appeal than things functioning properly. 

Now there are more ideas about styles and materials you can use. Whether you choose a copper farmhouse sink or a cozy cottage style, you have more options than ever. 

More people have gone with the farmhouse look in recent years. This sink features a large one basin area that gets used when soaking the large pots and pans. Since it is deep, the dirty dishes are not seen by guests as easily as with a regular sink. 

You get to choose the sink that matches the rest of your kitchen. Also, if you are doing a remodel, you get to freshen up the entire space, so don’t skip the kitchen sink! Concrete is even an option now, so if you want the look of granite without the cost, concrete could be a way to go. 

Some kitchens did not come with a dishwasher. For this reason, people wanted a kitchen sink with a double basin. You use one side with hot soapy water to wash the dishes and the other side with warm water to rinse them in. 

Remember that size is a feature, too. If you have a precut area, you will have a definite size to work with, so your choices will get limited to that. You can get them anywhere from 22 inches to 48 inches long. 

3. Kitchen sink features.

Tips for Finding the Right Types of Kitchen Sinks - Concrete Sink
Concrete Sink

What are you looking for in a kitchen sink? Do you want a decorative kitchen sink that you can show off to your neighbors? Some people prefer a more functional kitchen sink that gets the job done. 

You can get as fancy as you want to here. If you like the popular option, stainless steel is hard to beat. Those are corrosion resistant, but scratches and stains can become issues over time. 

Cast iron sinks make less noise than other sinks. They are durable and come available in a wide range of colors. 

Composite sinks get made of granite or quartz. They come in a speckled design and are resistant to stains and scratches. The downside to these sinks they can get expensive. 

Don’t forget the faucets. Do you want a sprayer that comes attached to the faucet or one that is separate? What height do you want the faucet?

Some people want a sprayer that comes separate from the faucet. Today pull-down sprayers that come attached to the faucet are popular choices. Some sinks even come with soap dispensers. 

4. Maintaining your new sink.

Once you get a new sink installed, you need to take steps to keep it looking great. Any of these types of kitchen sinks will need to get cleaned and maintained during their life span. 

When picking out the material of your new sink, ask the seller how it should get maintained. Some chemicals can damage different materials, so you need to know what to use. 

No matter what style you choose, cleaning is something to consider when picking out kitchen sink features.  Whether you go for the popular stainless steel or the farmhouse variety, you need to know how to properly clean the sink. That way you won’t damage your new sink. 

Natural products actually work miracles. If you are trying not to use harsh chemicals in your home, check into natural cleaning options. One example is that many people use vinegar and essential oils to clean and deodorize. 

5. Selecting the best kitchen sink for you and your kitchen.

With the options available, finding the best types of kitchen sinks for your home is easy. Whether you want function style or something more decorative the options are limitless. You can even get a combination of both.

You can get the features and varieties you want while spending as much or as little as you need to. Knowing about the materials and types of sinks available can help you discover the perfect sink for your home. If you found these suggestions helpful, be sure to check out our other articles below! Alos, if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.

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