Recently, kitchen worktops have changed tremendously and they are not only practical and tough but also stylish. For any type of worktop you decide to install in your kitchen, you should always remember that it has an impact on the decor of your overall kitchen. Together with the flooring, a worktop lies horizontally, making it prominent. Therefore, you need to put a lot of consideration before installing a kitchen worktop.

The good news is new kitchen worktops have changed over the past few years, giving you a wide range of options. With the use of the latest technology, you can find worktops made from high-quality and tough materials that are durable even in the busiest homes. This post will show you the new kitchen worktop range that you can buy for your kitchen.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Your Next Kitchen Worktop

Factors to Consider Before Buying Your Next Kitchen Worktop

Kitchen worktops come in a wide range of types that differ in their pricing. As a result, your choice will depend on your budget and expectations. While cheaper worktops can be a great option, the problem is that they are not durable compared to the expensive ones with high-quality stones or composites.

But if your budget is the limiting factor, you can attempt to mix and match your kitchen worktops. For example, you can install more expensive panels in busier working areas like near the sink or cooker and cheaper ones anywhere in your kitchen. Thankfully, mixing and matching have become a trend, so your kitchen will still look stylish. Below are what you should consider before buying worktops:       

  • Kitchen layout. Determining your kitchen layout before purchasing kitchen worktops is one of the best things to do. Consider using straight runs which are easier to fit and seamless materials like composites if your kitchen as plenty of corners.
  • The costs. Materials such as granite and composites require a kitchen fitter to do templating. This means every cut out they do for under-mounted sink and drainer grooves that get into stone will cost you extra money.
  • Choose the right profile. The kitchen worktop depth you decide to use can change the appearance of your kitchen. Thinner profiles are quite popular with many homeowners, but those with thicker edges have become a trend.
  • Worktop material. Some of the most popular materials are quartz, laminate, and granite, and they have their benefits. So it’s significant to look at the materials of kitchen worktops and their associated costs.

Types of Kitchen Worktops

Types of Kitchen Worktops

Owning a home means having a lifetime investment which you can enjoy if you have magnificent amenities. Fashionable kitchen worktops are a great addition to every kitchen. These most sought after items seem to magically transform a dull kitchen into a relaxing space. If you want to put a new kitchen top, this is the perfect time to look for the ones that meet your desires. Take a look at this new kitchen worktop range.

⎆ Quartz

Artistic quartz worktops don’t just do wonders for the aesthetic aspect of your kitchen but also bring ambiance, coziness, and serenity to the overall feel of your kitchen. One of the best qualities this material is known for is it’s tough and virtually non-porous nature. Besides this, this worktop is resistant to scratches, heat damage, stains, and usually holds a long warranty. Even better, it gives consistent composition, meaning color shading and veining won’t vary.

Bear in mind that quartz worktops can be installed practically any place of your choice, such as around the sink and near to hobs. Here is how you have the best looks, colors like blue and dark will look eye-catching if you have a modern and contemporary kitchen. Likewise, neutrals like cream suit well in kitchens with traditional design. 

By now, you should be wondering how long quartz worktops last. Well, because quartz is tougher and more durable than many other stones, it lasts for a very long time. You see, you can even sand out the worktop because its colors go right through the material. But if you see that its surface has been chipped, scratched, or stained, a specialist can fix it.

Quartz worktops such as Silestone kitchen worktops not only optimizes the available space in your kitchen but also creates contrasts and counterpoints because it has a variety of colors and textures. Best of all, these worktops are known for having higher impact resistance than granite and other stones. Therefore, hard kitchen utensils, such as pans and pots cannot damage it. This is the reason why Silestone worktops have a 25-year warranty, meaning you have peace of mind once you install them.

Looking after quartz worktops is easy, especially if you have spilled on them. You can just wipe off such spills to prevent any marks. Then, you can add a mild detergent on a soft and damp cloth to keep it clean.

⎆ Granite

Some people love to see the beauty of natural stones with their unique veining and coloring. If you intend to have a modern kitchen, this is another best option. Granite being a natural stone with awe-inspiring coloration fills your kitchen with color and light that reflects from your kitchen worktop. You can use it in many areas of your kitchen, such as near the oven or hob and the sink.

The best thing about granite is that it’s luxurious and has been fashionable for many years up to date. This material is ideal for modern and traditional kitchen designs. Granite is hard and resistant to scratches and heat, but you should handle it carefully to prevent inflicting damages.

This versatile worktop made from natural stones withstands high temperature, is resistant to stains and water. However, you should consider cleaning citric acids and wine to prevent damaging the worktop, and this is done by using a special sealant. Thankfully, its surface is easy to clean, making it remarkably hygienic.

Apart from being one of the toughest materials, granite worktops can also be cut and polished into shapes of your desire. The advances in technology have ensured that granite can be cut into these shapes and sizes to fit many areas of your kitchen, such as near the sinks.

If you want a granite kitchen worktop, remember that it will require an initial sealing that will be followed with another one after 10 years. Because of this sealant and its qualities, the worktop needs little maintenance. All that you have to do is to use a mild detergent and damp cloth to keep it clean.

⎆ Laminate

Laminate worktops have long been regarded as the ideal budget option kitchen tops. You can find them in a wide range of styles, colors, and textures. These worktops are made by joining several layers of impregnated paper using high-pressure temperature. Since they have high resistance to impact, moisture, and scratching, they are very durable.

Laminate kitchen worktops have low maintenance, are long-lasting, and easy to clean. They also give your kitchen with a high-quality finish and provide ambiance and coziness. They are suitable for general usages, such as sink runs, food preparation areas, and around cookers and hobs. What makes the laminate worktops unique is that they can resemble other types of worktop materials like granite and wood. As a result, you can use them in either traditional or modern kitchen designs. 

While laminate worktops are resistant to most chemicals and stains, they don’t do quite well to steam or heat. Aside from this, you shouldn’t use them as a cutting surface. As you can see from these properties, it’s highly recommended to choose laminate worktops that are thicker and can withstand high pressure for it to last long.

⎆ Glass

A glass worktop has been popular with interior designers because it provides a light touch to the design of the kitchen. It also has a reflective sheen that improves light levels. One of the best qualities of glass worktops is that it’s non-porous, meaning it can withstand spills, moisture, and splashes. These can also be easily cleaned to make it as beautiful as before. Therefore, it’s not surprising that glass worktops have become a practical solution for many kitchens.

Glass can be cut to various shapes and you can also use cut out to include specific areas. Glass kitchen worktops can be used near the sink, especially in small kitchens. Because it has a reflective surface, it gives you the feeling of having adequate space. Glass used to make worktops is toughened to make them durable. It’s also water, acid, and heat resistant, though it’s prone to scratches, you can polish it smooth.

However, you should do frequent wiping to avoid water-marking. If you are someone who wants to keep great hygiene in your kitchen, perhaps a glass worktop is your best option. These worktops don’t have joints that might keep dirt, so you just require a glass cleaner to keep them sparkling clean.

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