Pole dancing is among some of the most intensive workouts available. Not only does it include a full immersion of all your muscles, but it also requires agility, stamina, and strength.

This high-intensity workout is done by combining both static and spinning moves around the dance pole. In fact, it takes all your core muscles to pull yourself up the pole and move in various spins and dance moves.

Therefore, if you want to improve your expertise for fitness pole dancing, you need to work on enhancing muscle strength. Here is a thorough guide that will help you achieve just that!

How to Condition Your Body for Fitness Pole Dancing

Fitness Pole Dancing

Start with Warm-Up Exercises

If you want to gain strength to perform pole dancing, first do proper warm-ups. However, keep in mind that pole dancing is a strenuous activity where one is easily hurt if not done correctly. To loosen up your joints and muscles, first, do upper body stretching. Then, use dumbbells to do a series of swings to warm the arms and shoulders. Next, to avoid any strains or muscle injuries, do at least 50 reps of squat, dead-pulls, knee and calf lifts with some weights.

After you have done “the basic” warm-ups, go to the pole and just walk around the pole for 10 circles. After each round, lift your upper body up and down. Interestingly, this strengthens the upper muscles needed to perform other activities. Later, you can do your regular pole dance session.

Fitness Pole Dancing Leg Squats

Engage All Your Muscles

Pole dancing is an utterly demanding activity that requires full-body immersion. To begin, do a body blast workout that focuses on strengthening each muscle group separately. Next, to enhance your abdominal muscles, do push-ups with a 10 kg exercise ball or deadlifts with 40+ kg weights.

Then, to strengthen leg muscles, do lunges and squats but with a 16kg kettlebell. Finally, to strengthen your upper muscles, push-ups are a perfect workout along with variations of planks and side planks.

Strengthen for Specific Positions

Fitness and full-body strength play a major role in achieving mastery at pole dancing. To build up strength and flexibility to perform difficult pole moves, you must strengthen the core and upper body muscles.

Box splits, quad and hip stretch help gain flexibility. However, for gaining strength you need to do more high-intensity body workout. As an example, you might try Burpee, which is a full-body workout that helps develop muscles that help you twist your back and maintain your pose.

For tightening and strengthening your abdominal muscles, do jack-knife sit-ups with a 5kg weight on your stomach. Additionally, to strengthen arm and shoulder muscles do supermans, shoulder mounts, and handstands.

Pole Dancing Leg Stretches

Build Functional Strength

Because you perform numerous swinging steps on the pole, it’s important to gain stability and strength with your core body muscles. Classic push-ups are always welcome. But, since many fitness pole dancing moves are more demanding, do bar pull-ups, handstand push-ups, and of course chest-to-bar pull-ups.

Other exercises with functional strength benefits are a sprint, the pistol squat, and planks. Gracefully bending, arching, swinging and moving your body on the pole demands time and patience. By following these tips, you will surely gain the strength needed to perform all demanding fitness pole dancing moves.

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