As you explore the benefits of no exam whole life insurance, you’ll see that it’s definitely a wise decision for your life plan and for your financial security. So This is partly because medical exams often stop you from pursuing any form of life insurance.

So It brings up

  • issues of time,
  • expense,
  • and hassle.

But, there is a simple answer to this problem, and you can get life insurance without a medical or physical exam. 

So, Instead of a physical exam, applicants simply answer questions about their medical history and health. In addition to providing documentation that screens you for life insurance approval. So You’ll also see that there are many important and different reasons for applying for these forms of life insurance without medical exams. 

The Guaranteed Issue Form of Life Insurance

Policies like a Guaranteed Issue form of life insurance appeals to people who have a troubled medical history. Or those who simply don’t want to complete an exam as part of their life insurance application process:

  • You might fear doctors or struggle with managing appointments, or
  • You might even have been rejected in the past because of a medical exam exposing a condition for which traditional life insurance is not an option.

Basically, the main reason to choose no exam life insurance is that you’ll have a better shot at approval. 

But, let’s get comfortable with the benefits of one particular form of no exam life insurance. Guaranteed Issue, and see why you should take advantage of these benefits, getting a wonderful life insurance policy option from

3 Amazing Benefits of Guaranteed Life Insurance without Medical Exams

What is Life Insurance without Medical Exams

The three primary benefits of no exam life insurance policies like Guaranteed Issue are listed below, and they include everything from speed to easier approval. 

1. You apply more quickly and easily.

When your insurer waives the requirement of a physical and medical exam. So The whole process of applying for life insurance is significantly streamlined. 

But The inclusion of a medical exam adds so much protected health information that it can bog down the process of reviewing your application. In addition, the exam itself slows down your application by requiring you to arrange for a medical exam while also supplying standard information about your life and background. 

By simplifying the application process, no medical exam equals superior speed. You can collect all the information you need to supply your insurer with all the necessities of application quickly through an online application.

2. You block the anxiety of appointments. 

A medical exam is

  • a time-heavy,
  • tedious,
  • and sometimes a terrifying process.

It isn’t easy to coordinate for applicants with many responsibilities. It is anxiety-producing, even for the applicant who has a lengthy appointment.
The medical exam adds much complexity to your application through its wealth of information, which may cause you to worry about your approval since it is likely one way that your application can be rejected.

Skip these worries, and choose to apply for life insurance without medical exams. 

3. You’ll overcome past rejections.

As we have touched on, most applicants for a no exam whole life insurance policy have had trouble getting approved for traditional insurance options and policies. 

On the one hand, they may have not been able to complete a timely and satisfactory medical exam. If they have, the results of that application and exam may not have come out favorably. By not requiring an exam, you may have a better chance with conditions and poor states of health that normally lead to your rejection. 

How to Get Life Insurance without Physical Exams

Before you choose a Guaranteed Issue life insurance policy and begin applying. Give your background and your budget a thorough thought. But If you want to avoid medical appointments, Guaranteed Issue is a good choice. But it will require you to pay a slightly higher premium than most insurance forms. 

1. Be Aware of the Screening Process

So You should definitely know that this is not an instant approval process. Your life insurance policy application will be screened and vetted carefully before you ever get approved.

You may, for some policies, even be asked to disclose conditions and hospitalizations based on your medical history through a questionnaire. And, the consequences for failing to disclose these facts are severe, including your policy being voided or payouts being stalled. 

2. Do Your Research and Explore Your Options

You’ll want to explore your options with an expert in life insurance to learn

  • Which policies could be the best for you,
  • Your budget,
  • And your background.

So The medical appointment requirement of traditional policies isn’t the best choice for everyone. There are many benefits that a no exam policy can bring. So Protect yourself and your loved ones with a no exam policy. Get a quote from Sproutt today. 


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