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Improve And Modernize Your Bathroom

If you’re ready to improve your bathroom and modernize your look, there are many ways you can get started. Whether you plan to do all of the work yourself or you want to hire a contractor for some of the alterations, it’s possible to update your bathroom’s appearance easily and with little stress or anxiety.

First off, decide what color you want your bathroom walls. This will affect much of your bathroom design, including the theme you pick, your bathroom accessories, and even the pictures you choose to hang on the wall. Some homeowners opt to paint the bathroom one solid color, while others choose to have a border or wallpaper, as well. What you choose is up to you. Note that wallpaper can be tricky to apply if you’ve never done it before. Painting is a much simpler option and also gives you more freedom to change your mind if you decide that you don’t like the shade you picked.

Next, pick a theme for your bathroom. Do you want your bright blue walls to remind you of the ocean? Do you want your dark bathroom walls to remind you of a starry night sky? The theme you choose should be something that you’re comfortable with and that you look forward to seeing. Always make sure that you choose a theme you enjoy and that you’ll want to see again and again.

Make sure you choose matching towels, accessories, and carpets for your bathroom. This includes rugs for the floor and around the toilet, a trash can, and a tooth brush holder. Some homeowners even choose to have matching shampoo and soap bottles, but this is up to you. Again, make sure that everything flows with the theme of the room. It wouldn’t make sense to have a seashell-themed bathroom but have bright, neon-green towels hanging on your wall.

Finally, decorate your walls with pictures of your family or pictures that flow with the theme of the room. Consider hanging a large piece of artwork or even making something yourself to hang in the bathroom. You don’t need to overly decorate the walls, but a good piece of art goes a long way in completing the appearance of the room.

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