If your bathroom odor is bad but you are unable to find the source, we might have some answers. There are a couple of reasons why unseen and unpleasantness odors occur in your bathroom.

So, if you’ve cleaned and cleaned and still can’t get rid of the bad odor, keep reading to learn how to find the source of bathroom odor when it’s hidden away.

3 Reasons Why Unseen Bathroom Odor Occurs

Bathroom drawing and plumbing tools and supplies

Clogged Pipes

No matter how wide your pipes are, they still get clogged for many reasons. Dirt, long hair, tissues and oil are some of the culprits that accumulate and block the pipes.

When water doesn’t pass through the blockage, it gets stagnant and naturally causes a foul smell. You can try to unclog the pipe on your own, but it’s easier and more effective to call a plumber. So, if things are too hard to handle, call professional Plumber Hamilton | PlumbWize Plumbing & Drain Services who knows how to professionally clean that clog.

Plumber and home owner fixing pipes under bathroom sink

Thriving Bacteria

It is a no brainer that your toilet bowl and sewage pipes are the hubs of bacteria. Moreover, bacteria multiply quickly, especially in thriving conditions like moderate temperature and humidity that are found in most bathrooms.

Bleach kills bacteria so use it around the toilet bowl. Then, swish some in sewage sieves and flush valve as well if you are able to access them. If not, call in a professional plumber to clean these areas.

Dry Pipes

A P-trap also causes a foul smell in your bathroom. It is a u-shaped pipe that fits under the sink or toilet and is responsible for preventing smelly gasses from entering your bathroom which works if it retains a small amount of water even after you close the faucets.

Plumber fixing bathroom odor

However, if the water evaporates from the P-trap, it means the barrier between foul-smelling gases and your bathroom breaks down and then, the smell enters your bathroom.

To repair this issue, run water in the drain or flush the toilet so that the P-trap gets filled with water and the broken barrier repairs. Then, the foul smell disappears after some time.

If you have any other tips you’d like to offer, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below. We’ve also included other links below for more information and inspiration on how to care for your beautiful home.

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