You can spend months planning a trip but some of the best trips aren’t planned at all. Road tripping can be a blast. Taking off with no agenda brings an element of adventure. Going from state to state finding off the beaten paths and all the nook and crannies along the way is just FUN!  Here are three key ingredients to the best road trips.

Road Trip Tips

How to road trip with a group of friends.

Dancing Bear Lodge in Townsend, Tennessee

Avoid Hotels

Never stay in a franchise hotel on a road trip.

Hanging around a fire pit at a lodge

Stopping at a franchise hotel takes the allure out of the whole road trip experience. Sites like Airbnb and VRBO hooks you up to the best accommodations. If your road tripping with a pack of friends, you can even find big houses to rent this way.

You will find much better places than small hotel rooms which is what you want especially traveling with 4 or more. On my latest road trip I ended up in Nashville and I was able to book a beautiful apartment right downtown. There were two couples and we each had our own identical master suites so there was no argument about who would get the bigger room. The place also had a family room, kitchen, and wifi which is an absolute must for me the blogger. If you’re are traveling with a bigger party you might want to look into renting a .

Forget Your Diet

While on a road trip you want to experience local cuisine.

Local diner beside the road

While on a road trip eat where the locals eat.

Fried Tomatoes are a must to try

Experiencing new is what a road trip should be about, right? Let’s face it it’s about no rules and that goes for dieting. You want to experience the cuisine at every stop. I learned a big lesson in Alabama recently when I asked for a good local breakfast diner and the person said, “Cracker Barrels.” I don’t want chain restaurants because you can do that at home, I want local cuisine. To find out where to eat when on a road trip you want to ask it this way, “Where do the locals eat?” I promise you will eat the best food you have ever tasted.

Go with the Flow

Do not plan out your path. Wake up every day and decide your direction and if you feel like it, change your direction like a tumbleweed.

Have no direction on a road trip pull over and see what grabs you.

Corvette Museum in Bowlingrock, Kentucky

The beauty of a road trip is no agenda.

You never know who you might meet while road tripping.

Road Trip

Who could resist a little nostalgia?

Stop when you see something that grabs your attention and experience it. Be packed with everything you might need, from boots to tennis shoes so your options of activities are abundant. I never go anywhere without my yoga mat because there might be the perfect view of the mountains to do my sun salutation.

Road trips can be a blast but only when you have very little to no rules because that’s what makes it FUN!

Photography by Patricia Davis Brown.

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