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Grabbing Inspiration From the Textures of New York City

new york city tribeca interior design


Walking through New York City fills the designer in me full of inspiration. Around every nook and cranny, there is a texture that grabs my imagination, for a design yet to be. Those of us, whose brains are wired to notice architectural details, see it easily. I hope that this post will inspire everyone to notice the little details in their world. Follow me on my journey through the streets of New York.



Strolling by a playground my attention is captured first by the sounds of children playing. I am instantly drawn to the wrought iron scroll work of the fence placed around the perimeter. The artistic pattern of the iron creates the perfect framework around the park. Wrought iron is a signature architectural detail from the early days of New York City. It’s no wonder many go to great lengths to restore and preserve it for their homes and businesses.



new york city brownstone town house

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All that was necessary for this restaurant’s downstairs bathroom was fresh paint and pictures. The open ceiling with exposed pipes and lighting fixtures, create the industrial look that NYC has made a popular trend!


tribeca tri be ca nyc new york city bubby's farm restaurant

Downstairs at Bubby’s in Manhattan. Dig This Design on Pinterest

nyc new york city basement exposed pipes

Exposed pipes create a variety of textures in this NYC basement. Dig This Design on Pinterest


One of my favorite styles is “Industrial-Contemporary” and this renovated loft rocks the exposed pipe look inspired by the “old” NYC buildings.



Here are layers and layers of architectural materials meshing together like a perfect piece of art. It makes me think about the years this building has seen and the different architectural styles that have passed through it.




new york city tribeca interior design

The blank canvas for my latest Manhattan design project. Dig This Design on Pinterest


Venturing down the tactile streets of New York City actually feels quaint to me. Even though the city is big, the textures create a neighborhood coziness that is simply undeniable.



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      Thanks Bill. So glad you enjoyed my post. Stephanie Davis and I will be attending Coverings in Orlando tomorrow and will be doing a post on the latest in materials for the home. I hope you will check back in with us and see all of our finds from the Coverings Show Orland 2015.

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