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You know that Patricia suggests that we “Color Outside the Lines” and be creative, daring and edgy with design.

When it comes to the holidays, though, even the edgiest designer can find themselves with incredibly traditional, “safe” holiday decor. So – we found these holiday decorations that are anything but ordinary to help inspire your designs:

Snowflake Tree

Have a large window or sliding glass door? Use this idea from a storefront window and tape doilies or paper snowflakes in the shape of a tree:



(Dig this snowflake tree on Pinterest)


Branch Out

Take a walk through the park or the woods to collect branches and add your favorite ornaments to create a stunning piece like this:



(Dig this on Pinterest)


Ditch the Wreath

Can’t find a wreath that’s interesting enough to fit your need for something different? Then, ditch the wreath all together and use oversized ornaments and some greenery to create a look like this:



(Dig this on Pinterest)


We hope you have a great time creating your own holiday decorations with these inspiring ideas!

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