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Whether you love Valentine’s Day, or think that it’s just a made-up holiday – you have to admit it’s a fun time to show your children some extra love and attention.

Here are some ideas from Heather Valentine, Designer/Crafter of The Sewing Loft for crafts you can do for or with your children for Valentine’s Day. (Though the instructions call for a sewing machine – you can substitue a needle and thread and a marker.)

Love Letters

These little candy filled letters are easy to create and perfect to slip into your child’s backpack or lunch box on Valentine’s Day.


  1. To form your letters, cut paper and parchment into 4″ x 5.5″ rectangles.
  2. To create stamps, cut paper of choice into 1″ x 1″.
  3. Position your stamp in the upper right hand corner and all around edge stitch.
  4. Stitch some fun squiggly lines to represent the cancelled postage.  You can draw these lines with a pencil 1st and then stitch over them.
  5. With your machine or a marker, add some fun words to the letter.
  6. Match up your letter with parchment paper, wrong sides together and straight stitch around 3 sides.  This will form a “pocket”.  Fill the pocket with small candy.  Be careful- overfilling will make the pocket hard to close.
  7. Stitch up the last side, trim any loose threads and you are set!


Valentine’s Day BookMark

This super simple book mark will always remind your loved one how much you care. Slip into a notebook or favorite bedtime story.


  1. Cut 1 piece of fabric and 1 felt 6 1/2″ long x 2 1/4″ wide.  Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to your pressed fabric to ”stiffen” the fabric and give it more texture.  Reserve felt for step 4.
  2. To personalize my bookmark, create a small patch by layering felt and fabric.  Then add a few decorative stitches.  Feel free to do this by hand.  Get creative- maybe one large initial, a heart, xoxo… anything works!  And if you don’t want to sew this part, print off something from clip art and Mod Podge it to the face of book mark.
  3. Position and stitch your patch to the face of your bookmark.
  4. Then layer the felt behind your front and sandwich your ribbon along the top center.  Join all layers together with a simple stitch.  Be sure to back-stitch over the ribbon for extra strength.

Animal Love

Looking for a fun way to show the little animal in your life how much you care? Then this easy softie is just the ticket.


  1. Cut a piece of ric rac about 5″ long and toss it in the laundry and watch what comes out! (so fun)
  2. To create eyes, I used double sided fusible and cut circles from scrap fabric.
  3. Then, I just free formed this guy.  No real shape here, just fun!
  4. Machine tack the eyebrows in place; position and fuse eyes; add a heart detail and maybe some stitching for fun.  To create the mouth- straight stitch a line and then go back over with zig zag.  (I like to leave part of the straight stitch exposed on each side.)
  5. With right sides together, match front and back.  Pin in place and straight stitch all around, leaving approx 2 1/2″ open at the bottom.  Depending on your shape, trim corners, clip curves and turn right side out.  Lightly press.
  6. Fill with stuffing.
  7. Pin and slip stitch the bottom opening closed.

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