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Do It Yourself Valentine Flower Arrangements


Whether you’re giving them as a gift, or using them to decorate – flowers are a must for Valentine’s Day.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds at the florist buying perfectly-arranged rose bouquets. Here are some tips for creating your own unique Valentine flower arrangements for  gifts and decorations:

Break Up the Bouquet

Valentine’s Day flowers don’t have to come in one big bunch. Check out this arrangement we found on Pinterest from OnceWed.com:


The picture says it all!

Grab a bouquet full of interesting, brightly colored flowers, and break it up into a collection of little clear-colored vases, jars and glasses – and you have an amazing looking floral arrangement of Valentine’s Day flowers.


Roses? How Cliché!

Decorating with red or pink? Classic.

Using roses? Cliché.

Anne Verdoes, spokesperson for iBulb tells us to move beyond the basic rose for Valentine’s Day flowers to the classic beauty and elegance of the tulip. The costs and availability are similar to roses, so why not live a little and give a unique gift to your Valentine?


Here are Anne’s tips for using tulips for these Valentine’s Day flowers:

1. Use clear vases to show off beauty. Select a rectangular glass vase and cut tulips about 4-inches high. Place side by side in the vase and fill with water just to cover the stems.

2. Use colored vases for a WOW effect. Two dozen red tulips in a red glass vase is about as vavoom in the flower world as you can get.

3. Black for Valentine’s Day? Really? Yes, several dozen mixed tulips in shades of purple, lavender and yellow placed in a black vase is not only chic, it’s a conversation starter.

4. Arrange flowers in multiple vases of the same color. It makes a novice look like a design genius. Select three to five (always use odd numbers) vases of varying heights and fill each with tulips of the same color. Voila!

5. Place a narrow vase of tulips within a larger one, and fill the space between with valentine candies.


Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Flowers

Wouldn’t you love to make your own flower arrangements for your Valentine? Once you learn the basics of arranging flowers, you can put your own twist on them with unique flowers, interesting colors and more.

We went out looking for flower arranging how-to info and found Angie Zimmerman of FlowerArranging101.tv.

Angie put together several videos showing you how to create 6 different floral arrangements for your Valentine.


Using step-by-step videos, Angie teaches you how to create:

  1. The customary dozen roses in a vase
  2. A half dozen roses in a vase
  3. A heart shaped floral
  4. A cascade of phalaenopsis orchids
  5. Classic Mint Julep Cup with roses
  6. White mums with red flat wire hearts centerpiece.

You can find all of these videos at http://flowerarranging101.tv. Go to the preview section, click on Holidays and scroll down to Valentine’s Day.


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