Whether you are in Fort Wayne, Indiana, or Minneapolis, Minnesota, a working furnace is crucial for keeping your home comfortable. It gets cold outside during the winter and trying to stay warm without a furnace is a nightmare. Under these conditions, properly maintaining your furnace is of the greatest importance.

But to make sure the furnace can keep you toasty all year long, you must maintain it on a regular basis. If you simply ignore your furnace for months and years, don’t be shocked when it doesn’t work.

To avoid that scenario from happening, today we bring you some excellent tips for properly maintaining your furnace.

Need Help Properly Maintaining Your Furnace? Follow These 3 Tips!

3 Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Furnace

1. Consider hiring a professional.

The first tip is to consider bringing out a professional (such as https://www.summersphc.com/fort-wayne/services/heating/furnace-maintenance/) at least once a year to maintain your furnace. Some tasks of furnace maintenance are difficult if you don’t have the experience. However, hiring a professional gives you peace of mind and ensures that your furnace is operating efficiently.

Professionals are able to address a variety of things from tightening ductwork to lubricating bearings. Even if it doesn’t seem like something is wrong, you can never know for sure without having a specialist come out. Doing this can save you a lot of time and frustration, and ensure your furnace is ready for winter.

2. Clean and replace the filter.

Between the visits from the professional, one of the best things you can do for your furnace is to clean or repair the filter. These filters prevent dirt, dust, hair, and other debris from entering and clogging up the furnace. However, because of this, the filter itself will eventually become full of debris as well.

When this occurs, your furnace must work harder to push the hot air out to keep your home comfortable. This extra stress on the furnace leads to it wearing out quicker and needing repair or replacement.

You can sometimes clean the filter, but filters are so affordable that replacing your current filter with a new one is the best idea. Also, there are a lot of things you may not know about HVAC filters, be sure to do your research and ensure you are going about things the right way.

3. Be sure all vents are clear.

Clearing all the vents and registers in your home is another way to keep your furnace in great shape. Keep things like mats, rugs, and boxes from covering them up. You especially need to be careful of furniture being put on top of vents and registers. After all, you don’t want to block the flow of air.

Like dirty filters, blocking vents can make the furnace work harder and longer in order to get your home to the desired temperature. In addition to clearing out the tops of the vents, schedule your ducts for regular cleaning as well. If not, the furnace will struggle to push out an adequate amount of good air.

Also, if you have vents that you can close or open, it is a good idea to go throughout the home and make sure they are open. Children, pets or even you may accidentally close the vent which will limit the effectiveness of your furnace.

In conclusion.

By following these tips, you will have peace of mind that your furnace is always working well and able to keep your home warm. If you have any questions or suggestions, we always love to hear from you in the comments below. Also below are links to more useful articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

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