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Wedding Shower Gifts that Wow

Receiving an invite to a wedding shower is always a bitter sweet moment. On the one hand, I am happy for the bride to be and looking forward to helping her prepare her home. On the other hand, if I have to watch her display one more piece of the same exact china I might fall off my chair.

I finally figured out that it’s up to us guests to make the wedding shower experience more interesting. Here are some very clever and creative ways to give gifts at the next wedding shower you attend.

Wedding Shower Tea Towel

Display the dish towels and utensils in a creative way using your imagination and some ribbon!  This method makes opening kitchen tools a much more interesting process!

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Set Off Fireworks

Okay…  so, fireworks at a wedding shower might not be the best idea, but these his and hers celebration baskets disguised as bottle rockets is a sure-fire hit!

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Creative Wrapping Ideas

Sometimes a gift is a gift is a gift and there isn’t much to do besides wrap it in a creative way.  Use your imagination to create all sorts of adorable bows and packages!

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These adorable gifts are wrapped using dish towels and secured with a simple knot at the top, perfect for a couple who is getting ready to tie their own not in a few short months.

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Gift Baskets

Center your gift around a theme and create a cute gift basket!  This basket is made from a colander and contains all the necessities to prepare your favorite Italian meal.  Don’t forget to include some of your favorite pasta recipes!

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To pin any of these gift ideas to your own Pinterest Board (so you can make one in the future!), just dig it with the link provided under each image.  Happy showering!

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