You don’t have to own a summer home to create the feeling of a warm-weather getaway. Harness the look of a summer home in your own home to enjoy all year by applying a few décor tips. Through careful decorating and decorating choices, you can make your home feel and look like a summer vacation home.

Here’s a look at the renovation and décor choices you can make to capture the summer home style.

5 Décor Tips to Turn Your Home Into a Summer Vacation 

Color Palettes

5 Décor Tips to Turn Your Home Into a Summer Vacation

If you have a favorite vacation destination but just can’t get there this summer, why not create it by coloring your home with the colors found there. I love to go tropical on my vacations which usually involves a beach. If you think about all the colors you find on the beach you can create some pretty awesome color palettes for your home. Mother Nature has great color décor tips that you can’t go wrong with because she never gets it wrong! Where ever your summer hot spot might be there is a reason you find it easy to relax there and color can alter your mood so why not recreate your home to feel like your favorite summer vacay?

Brighten Your Home with Light

Brighten Your Home with Light

One thing you cannot get enough of in the summer is light. Make sure you are letting all the natural light in that you possibly can. Remove heavy window treatments especially if they are open to a nice view like the garden. If you need privacy, try window treatments that can be opened up with an unobstructed view when the sun is shining.

Another way to brighten up your space and one of my favorite décor tips is to replace all the lamps in the room with 2700 Kelvin temperature. So, many times when a light bulb burns out it’s replaced with whatever you have in the closet shelf and pretty soon the lighting in the room isn’t consistent in color creating a dingy atmosphere in the room.

Declutter Your Home 

Décor tips should always include decluttering your space and it is never truer than just before the summer season. This will breathe new life into any room and you will want to also do some seasonal accessorizing in your clean new space to add the finishing touches.

Bringing the Outside Inside

Another perfect way to capture the spirit of a summer vacation home is bringing a bit of nature inside and making a less obvious break between inside and outside. This can be accomplished in many ways. Using summer home décor inspired by nature, you will be able to bring your vacation to your home. You can also create outdoor living spaces that easily flow into your home spaces. Consider adding an outdoor shower, too. Outdoor bathing experiences have become quite the fad in boutique hotels. Nothing quite makes you get that feeling of being on vacation than taking a shower outside.


Décor Tips Luxury Bedding

One of the top reasons why most people love their summer getaways is that they are much more luxurious than their normal homes. There is no reason you have to forego some luxurious touches in your everyday home. Buy extravagant bedding for the bedrooms just like you would find in a luxury hotel.  Adding little touches of luxury can bring about that feeling you have when you are away from home for a summer rental.

With just a few décor tips you can create your summer vacation right in your own home.

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