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Mastering First Impressions with the Perfect Invitation

The invitation you send for your special event sets the tone for the entire experience.  Whether it’s formal, fun, sweet or trendy, there is a lot to be said for first impressions. Kaity Eagle from Invitation Consultants has provided us with the latest and greatest invitation trends that have been popping up on Pinterest!

Take a look, then throw a party!…  just click on the image to view the pin!

Retro Cocktail Invitation

This retro cocktail party invitation is perfect for a cool, casual night with friends. Mad Men is back and more popular than ever – and so are Mad Men-themed parties!

Derby Hat Invite

The Kentucky Derby is a few weeks away, but we’ve been seeing Derby party invite orders for months now. It’s a great excuse to get glammed up at home.

Formal Invitations

Baroque patterns are extremely popular for weddings and even bridal showers. This invitation is available in several color schemes and has been big with brides.

Soft & Inviting

Yellow and grey is a wedding color scheme that doesn’t seem to be going away. It’s flirty and fun, while still being masculine enough for the groom.

Party Trends

We pinned this party image from hostessblog.com (Hostess with the Mostess) and it took off. A monster party is a great party theme that little boys AND girls can enjoy!

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  1. Some great designs. I love the cocktail design the best, being the reason that I’m here (it brought me from different site). Good stuff, will be following the blog more in the future! All the best!

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