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Ancient Design Inspiration Challenges Creative Concepts

When starting a design project we start with one concept and mold our vision from there. Design inspiration comes in many forms and many translations. Vanessa Cullen from Forward Thinking Design Pty Ltd shared one of their more interesting design projects with us. Learn how they took what was thought a challenging concept and turned it into a modern masterpiece.

Design Inspiration

When our Client asked us to use the golden domes of Cypriot churches as inspiration in designing his cake shop, we were stuck with the challenge of adapting this ancient architectural form to make it appropriate for the contemporary Australian market.

Sergio’s Cake Shop in Sydney Australia

Mimicking the essence and grandeur of the curve was the key and gave us the identifying feature of a store design that has gone on to win several awards.

Design By: Forward Thinking Design Pty Ltd

How have you transformed a seemingly impossible idea into a fantastic space you enjoy?  Share your imaginative design inspiration with us!

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