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It’s a terrifying thought that robots may eventually take over many roles currently occupied by people. In fact, in a study by the University of Oxford in 2013, academics detailed the likelihood of robots taking over different professions. I personally feel at ease as a creative, knowing robots will never replace us!

Robots - A creative mind.

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Precision Printing – An insight into design

The Future of Employment.

A report surveyed 700 professionals and flagged up some of the most – and least – likely professions to be taken over by Artificial Intelligence. In first place was telemarketers, with maths technicians, accounts clerks and watch repairers all in the top ten. Creative professionals and people who work in visual communications were much lower down in the list: graphic designers 161st least likely, and art directors 95th least likely.

Why are creative professionals harder to replicate? What is it about the creative mind that makes it so unique to the individual?

To explore this, business stationery printing specialist Precision Printing has composed a Masters of Design interview series, exploring the field of design through the eyes of five designers.

The series gives their unique insight into their visions, motivations, preferences and motivations.

Here’s an overview of who took part:

Projection mapping live performance art – The Alchemy of Light by a dandypunk from a dandypunk on Vimeo.

A dandypunk. Current artist in residence at Walt Disney Imagineering, a dandypunk is a designer and creator. He works on unique design projects with the Cirque du Soleil and is an alumnus from Sundance’s New Frontier Story Lab 2014.

Robots - Timba Schmidt illustrations.

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Timba Smits. Timba Smits has worked in design for over 15 years, creating visuals for household names such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Dunlop and Ride Snowboards. He is an award-winning designer and illustrator, creative director of Little White Lies, and independent cultural magazine Huck.

Robot - ryan-mcelderry_tmb

Ryan McElderry. Working at online marketing agency Mediaworks, Ryan McElderry is a Senior Graphic Designer who has worked on a number of high-profile accounts. Clients include House of Fraser, MaxiNutrition, Stagecoach, and intu MetroCentre and on website design, content marketing, infographics and app design.

Robots - radim-malinic-tmb

Radim Malinic. With clients that include Arts Council England and the BBC, Radim Malinic is an award-winning art director and graphic designer. Head of design company Brand Nu, he specializes in design, commercial illustration, branding and video. He recently published his Book of Ideas, a journal of creative direction and graphic design.

Robots - mike-kus-tmb

Mike Kus. Milke Kus has worked on website design, photography and illustration projects for brands such as Burberry and O2, the Twitter Developer Conference and Berocca. He regularly speaks at conferences related to design and technology.

A Creatives Voice

I believe there is a creative in all of us. Find your creative and carve out a niche of your own that no robot could ever fill.

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