To help make your space work for you and look its best, consulting with an interior designer is highly recommended for the best outcome. Design is a process and there is a logical flow you need to expect when working with a professional.

We asked the experts, interior designer Los Angeles– what typical questions they will ask a potential client before starting the design.

Collaborating Tips for Working with an Interior Designer

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There are many important questions you need to ask an interior designer during this consultation. This will help you decide if this is the ideal professional for your space. But, what you may not realize is that the interior designer is also going to ask you some key questions. These questions help to ensure you are the right client for the designer and communicates the vision that you have for your space. Here are a few of the important questions that an interior designer is likely to ask you during the consultation and design process.

What is your idea for this space? 

One of the first questions that an interior designer will ask you is whether you have any ideas for your space. If you have pictures of design ideas or elements you would love to see incorporated into your space, this is the perfect opportunity to show them. A designer will have their ideas about the space, but they want to hear what you are looking for and what types of design ideas or features interest you. If you have anything you love about the space and want to keep, this is also a great time to mention that. 

How do you want the room to work for you? 

A professional designer will want to know whether the current space works for you or not. This is an important question because an interior designer not only wants to help you improve the look of your room, but they also want to improve the flow and function of the space as well. As such, they will want to hear what works about the area for you and your family and what may not work. This is the time to talk about both the good and the bad. If the circulation flow is correct, space issues, lighting issues, and storage issues within the room. 

What Do You Use the Space For? 

A must-ask question by an interior designer, that you may be unsure of how to answer, is what you use the space for. Many people take this question very literally. For example, if the interior designer is in your dining room, you may immediately think that this is obviously a dining space. However, what the designer is trying to figure out with this question is whether this is simply a place for family dinners. They need to know if you entertain, help your kids complete their homework, or do artwork with your kids at the table. Knowing exactly what you use the space for helps an interior designer to create a space that works perfectly for all of the different uses. 

What Is Your Budget For the Space? 

One of the most important questions you will be asked will be what budget you have allowed. An interior designer needs to know how much money you have set aside for this specific project. That plays a key role in what can be done in the space, including what types of finishes, furniture, and interior work can be completed within your budget. It is important, to be honest about your budget to ensure the final project does not exceed how much you want to pay. 

Before signing a contract with a Los Angeles interior designer, you will both have the opportunity to ask each other questions and ensure that you are suited to work with each other on your home design project. Knowing what questions will be asked can help you prepare answers so you are not caught off guard when they ask you these questions. Reach out to local interior designers in your area to find the right professional for your interior design project. 

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