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WTF Design Awards…Presented by Dig This Design



If you’re looking for your date…check the men’s room.




A quick lap in the pool before bed never hurt anyone…rrrrrrrright?


16w21 Kitchen[1]
Fashion designer Zac Posen collaborated on the interior design for a New York condominium.

Well Zac, I would stay with what I knew and let’s keep this one to ourselves.



You know I LOVE to throw in a shoe pick but, I don’t know if this one is coming or going!



And I think a unicorn should go in the corner…



Or a giraffe.


Funny Fashion Foot Wear 2009[1]

It’s all the rage in shoe fashion…trust me, I’m a designer.

It is important to brush them every now and then just like suede.



Palm Beach meets the Coconut Grove Art Festival, meets the Flintstones.



Lady Gaga inspired.


Peter B. Lewis Building designed by Frank Gehry

Caution when driving by this train wreck it has been known to cause accidents!



I have heard it said…if you find a drunken Zebra in your bed your are to grab it by the tail.






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