Minimalism is a very popular design movement. It is concerned with the functionality as well as the aesthetics of every item in the room. This often makes for incredibly restful spaces as they are devoid of any unnecessary clutter which is why the minimalist bedroom style is trending. Read on to find out just how you can get this look in your own home.

Minimalist Bedroom Tips

Minimalist Bedroom Tips


The colors most often used in minimalist home decor are white, gray and black. White is especially popular because it is used to create a feeling of light and space, which is so sought after in this style. Grays and blacks are on occasion used as contrast colors to white, to ensure that the lines of a minimalist room are emphasized.

 However, the use of bold colors is not strictly forbidden. In fact, it can be a welcome change in a room primarily decorated in white. Primary colors can be used to break up the room, and add a little interest. For example using books on a shelf in red, blue and yellow can be effective. Or a piece of abstract, or modern art in bold and vibrant colors can contrast well and add a little warmth into such a white room.

Pale and pastel colors can also be injected into a minimal room for a subtle change. These can be used on the wall on furniture or in accessories. Colors like lilac, peach, and mint with the occasional gold accent can serve to create a minimal but luxurious feel that is well suited to a bedroom.


Space is an essential factor in any minimalist design. The idea is to create a lot of it. So any clutter is a big no-no. That means you have to find an effective way of storing any essentials items that you need in your bedroom. A good way of doing this is to include some built in wardrobes. These adhere to the minimal ideal of being functional and using space well, while also hiding any clutter away from view. Or, if your budget allows for it, why not try a separate dressing room where you can hang your clothes and shoes. This is a brilliant way of keeping any clutter completely separated from your zen-like bedroom space.

Another simple but effective way of creating a spacious feel in a room is to minimize any ornaments that you display. Pick just one or two important items like a picture on the wall, or a photo frame on a bedside table. This can make a space seem a lot larger than it actually is.

The Bed

As in any bedroom, the bed in a minimalist space is very important. It needs to be comfortable, but as the same time, it also needs to match in with the aesthetic that you are trying to create. To this end, low profile beds are often the most popular choice for a minimalist room. This is because they do not overpower the space.


The textiles in a minimalist bedroom need to be carefully considered, just as much as the other factors. Patterns, textures, and function all need to work together to reinforce the design that you are going for. That mean’s no frills accept as an art statement. Regarding function, comfort is important so pick items that will aid a restful night’s sleep, like good quality pillows, warm throws, and a duvet. What is a Duvet? Many people ask this question! It is the European name for a down comforter. An item which will work perfectly in a minimalist room. This is because it is comfortable and warm, and can be put inside a plain duvet color to match in with the decor.

Textiles can also be introduced into a minimalist bedroom by using a neutral carpet or rug. This will make your bedroom warmer and more pleasing to be in, without compromising the look that you are trying to achieve.

Other Materials

Apart from textiles, the use of other materials also needs to be considered wisely. Minimalist rooms sometimes have a tendency to be a little cold and clinical in their decoration. But by using materials other than plastic and metal, such as wood and stone, this can be easily remedied. A wooden floor is in keeping with a minimal style, and can inject a much-needed sense of warmth into a bedroom, as can the use of wood furniture. Stone can work in a similar way if its color and tone are chosen correctly. So experiment with different items in your scheme with a mood board, before you decide on your final design.


Minimalist bedrooms are often very well lit, either by natural or artificial light. If you have the benefit of a good source of natural light in your bedroom, then harness this to the greatest effect. To do this, you will need to install large floor to ceiling picture windows with Venetian blinds. The blinds will fit well with the functional and practical aesthetic of this type of room. But also allow for privacy and for the light to be blocked out on demand, when you need to sleep.

If you don’t have access to a good natural light source in your room, then one can be installed to create a similar effect. Check out my post on interior design tips to how to light a bedroom. Long cabled hanging lights can be a used to created warmer cozier feel and to add drama to an otherwise fairly plain room. While daylight bulbs and spotlights can create a fresh and light atmosphere for the daytime hours.

Then there are dawn and dusk lights available, which mirror the rising and setting of the sun so you can recreate this rhythm in your own minimalist bedroom design. Which works perfectly for promoting restful sleep and waking without alarms. Making your room a minimalist oasis.

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