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Whether you’re doing it for the environment, the love of crafting or for the amazing designer looks – turning old items into new furniture and decor is a great way to to get creative with your design ideas.

We found these upcycled decor ideas to help get your creative juices flowing!

Upcycle a Bathtub

Now, this really follows our motto “color outside the lines”! A claw foot tub has been upcycled into a quirky sofa:


(Dig this upcycled decor idea on Pinterest)

Upcycle Old Rulers

This is a great idea for an office, a children’s playroom or anywhere you need a subtle bit of whimsy. Not only does this look great… but using rulers means that measuring it built right in to your project!


(Dig this upcycled decor idea on Pinterest)

Upcycle Your Way to a New Desk

This is a great looking piece! Using old wire trash cans or wire structures from the garden center and an old door, a counter top that was thrown out or any other flat surface you can build your own amazing desk.


(Dig this upcycled desk idea on Pinterest)

Upgrade Your Upcycled Desk

Need more storage than a single desk could provide? Grab a few, paint them the same color and stack them! Depending on the styles of furniture you salvage and the color you choose to paint them – you can make a design statement that really fits your personality.


(Dig this upcycled office idea on Pinterest)

Get the Look Without the Work

Do you love the upcycled and “reclaimed” look… but don’t have the time or the creativity to pull it all together? We can help! There are loads of great items in store that will help you get the look without the work, like these:

Reclaimed Teak Picnic Table

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Painted Chest

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Mirror Front Buffet

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