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The DigThisDesign.net interior design blog is going mobile and going green this month with a big trip to New Orleans for the KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) with a group of design bloggers – Blog Tour – assembled by Modenus.

Patricia Davis Brown will be covering the big event herself. We’ll be posting her pictures and video interviews with some of the most innovative brands in kitchen and bath products.

For those of you that know her, you know that eco-friendly design and green products are a passion for Patty. So, here are some of the brands she’ll be talking to about their GREEN initiatives:

TOTO’s Green Initiative

TOTO creates absolutely stunning sinks, faucets, showers and even toilets. Their products have a high-end look and are engineered to be eco-friendly right from the start.


Here’s how they describe their commitment to the environment:

Our focus is water, life’s essential element. It drives our passion for innovation and sustainability and inspires our commitment  to you and to our planet.

In its totality, it’s everything we do at TOTO. We like to call it totology.


Silestone’s Green Initiative

Silestone also has a comitment to the environment that touches every piece of their products and process.


Here’s how they describe their green intiative:

Anyone can talk about respect for the environment. Silestone® by Cosentino lives it. In every step of production, from natural stone extraction to transportation to manufacturing to installation, we’re committed to respect and protect our environment.

Mr. Steam’s Eco-Friendly Commitment

When you think of a steam shower, you think excess, indulgence and lots and lots of water. But, Mr. Steam shows us that a luxury shower experience doesn’t have to cost our environment.

Steam system-exposed lo-wm2

Here’s the Green Mr. Steam commitment:

Mr.Steam’s most popular model uses only 1 gallon of water per 20 minute session. Made from 100% recyclable stainless steel…inside and out.

Poggenphol’s Sustainability Initiative

Pggenphol creates modern, sleek cabinetry that make minimalists melt. Their configurations for kitchens, storage and office spaces are not only gorgeous, but green as well!


Here is how the company addresses sustainability:

Poggenpohl products are exclusively made from wood grown by sustainable forest management and all the paints and lacquers used in production are solvent-free.

Blanco’s Sustainability Pledge

Blanco makes sinks and faucets using green principles and engineers them to use less water and need fewer chemicals for cleaning – allowing you to have a greener experience.


This is Blanco’s commitment to reducing water and harmful chemicals:

…We believe that our overall focus must be sustainable and intensive beyond any legally required standard.

To achieve this goal, we use the latest energy-saving exhaust air technology, returning heat energy back to the production process. Water consumption in our overall process was reduced 50% by installing water-cooling technology, and we continue to reduce production scrap by using the highest quality raw materials,computer-controlled mixing machines, optimized processes and production facilities. We also do not use CFC- and CHC-chasteners. In addition, we proudly achieved a permanent and significant reduction of oil consumption and CO² emission in our facilities and we purposefully purchase from ecological evaluated suppliers…

Du Verre’s Green Initiatives

Du Verre works with designers to create functional hardware that stand alone as works of art.


Here is how Du Verre is working to preserve our environment:

Du Verre manufactures its hardware using post-consumer recycled aluminum. Using post-consumer recycled aluminum reduces the generation of air and water pollution by 95% and requires only 5% of the energy that would otherwise be used in production of new metals. In addition, manufacturing this way generates a small fraction of the greenhouse gasses normally expelled in this process.

Stay Tuned for More…

Patty will bringing us more from the KBIS floor later this month!


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