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Elegant Enchantment in Modern Mediterranean Design

Elegant Enchantment Modern Mediterranean Design

Modern Mediterranean design is still trending in 2019 and for many excellent reasons. By its intrinsic design, this style is most popular in warmer climates where shallow roofs with side overhangs provide shade while open arches and big windows make way for cool breezes.

Delightfully, there are many variations and features that work great in northern home design as well. With so much to offer designers, let’s dig in and sort out a few delectable details of this 2019 trending design.

Modern Mediterranean Design

Modern Mediterranean Blue and White Nautical Theme Living Room

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This style originates with geographical regions north of the Mediterranean Sea. That’s why you will sometimes hear people refer to it as Spanish Modern. Within the modern variety of regional styles, you can easily see the influences of Spain, Greece, and Italy. For even more fun, there is often a strong Morrocan influence. Overall, today’s modern Mediterranean style encompasses the feelings of all earth elements in a variety of modern, contemporary designs.

Transitional + Modern = Wow

One favorite is the inclusion of transitional Mediterranean design as is seen in the turned legs in the rough-hewn beams and the stucco, textured walls. Moreover, the burnished hardware for lighting, handrails, and tables add touches of the old world to the smooth modern lines. The addition of arched windows and doorways adds up to modern Mediterranean splendor.

Modern Mediterranean living room patterned rug white ceiling beams dark wood floors ornate lighting pendnat fixture

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Modern Mediterranean Living Room Light Wood Floors Ceiling Beams Brown Leather Furniture Arched Windows

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Bright Earth Colors

Next, the color schemes also reflect their geographical surroundings and range from the blues of the sea and sky to the warm colors of terra cotta, lavender, and yellow. Bright white walls and ceiling with warm wood accents along with pops of sea blues and corals are reflected off each other in this contemporary Mediterranean design.

Modern Mediterranean Contemorary Greek Living Dining Space White with Pops of Blue and Coral Orange

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The Tiles and Textures

Patterns exclusive to each region of the Mediterranean are a longstanding favorite in this style of interior design. But there is no need to stick to traditional patterns when there are so many contemporary designs with just a hint of tradition. This kitchen warms up with the strategic placement of the sea blue tiles. Additionally, the burnished brass rustic lighting is a fitting touch to this modern kitchen.

Modern Mediterranean White Kitchen Cabinetry Blue Accents Natural Wood Floor Industrial Pendant Light

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Stucco walls bring out the feeling of the warm sun on a lazy day. Is there any other way to dress this porch up than to hang a modern chair woven in the patterns of the Mediterranean region? This is a warm and inviting touch for you, your family, and guests to relax and enjoy throughout many warm days to come.

Modern Mediterranean outdoor ceiling swing white rattan chair blue white pillows stucco porch walls brick floor bright potted flowers

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