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Valentine’s Day in the PDB Homestore

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what could be better than shopping at the PDB Homestore for all your Valentine’s Day needs? Here are our top four items for creating a romantic Valentine’s Day using the PDB Homestore.

Gilda Vanity Mirror

Your significant other will adore you for buying her this dream vanity! This vanity is beautiful with its antique accents and a very large mirror. This vanity comes complete with drawers big enough for all her makeup and personal items!

24 oz Drinkwise Glass Pilsner – Set of 12

Ladies, your man will know how much you appreciate him if he were to receive these awesome Pilsner Glasses which come in a set of 12. These pilsner glasses are industrial dishwasher safe for over 3,000 washings. On top of that, these glasses are stronger and last longer than SAN & polycarbonate! These glasses have a glass-like clarity and are heat resistant to 248° F, but the best part? They are crack proof and shatter resistant!

Leather Arm Chair

This Leather Arm Chair from the PDB Homestore is a great addition to any man cave and is also a must have. This leather chair is so comfortable and your man will feel like the king of the throne!

Chakra Candle Jar Love

Last but not least, light up your home and set a romantic tone with these beautiful candles! These candles are eco-friendly as the candles are made out of Eco Palm Wax, which is a steam distilled essential oil that has therapeutic benefits just like our other naturally occurring essential oil scents. Put them around the room for a romantic feel!

Written by: Sharan Kaur, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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